Here’s What’s New in Aurachain v3.13

This new release of the Aurachain platform introduces the new Advanced Logic activity aimed at processing and transforming data, as well as new GDPR-compliance functionality. It also includes several improvements to UI components: we’ve rebuilt the Media Capture component to be more powerful and user-friendly and also extended the capabilities of the Data Grid UI Component.


We’ve extended the import/export capabilities and the usability of the Global Data Model, and we’ve introduced the ability to define custom SMS gateways for sending notifications. And finally, we changed the status icons in order to enhance the level of clarity.

What’s new?

New Advanced Logic Activity

The Advanced logic is the freshest process capability, which enables process builder to configure complex business logic to be executed at process level using JavaScript code.


It is typically used to execute an expression, logic operation or complex data manipulation and capture it in the process instance variables and use it further in a process.


The user has access to the data model variables and system variables from the script editor and a new and more efficient script editor is introduced by this feature.


The script editor comes with built-in support for JavaScript and, since we love bug-free code, warnings and errors show up in multiple areas (status bar, problem panel, errors and warnings are highlighted inline).


The Advanced logic activity is displayed in the task and Process Inspector timeline and the changes performed at data model level are visible also as per existing functionality.

GDPR Compliance Functionality

We know GDPR compliance is important if operating in the European Union. Therefore, we have implemented the first in a series of improvements dedicated to making GDPR compliance possible.


In this release, we’ve focused on compliance with the “Right to be Forgotten”, as well as situations when data subjects might withdraw consent for data processing. To comply with such requests, admins can now use the Process Inspector to delete entire instances or per instance:

  • Data model values.
  • Data audit entries.
  • Generated and uploaded documents.
  • API requests and responses.

Because some of the data that needs to be deleted might be in Archived instances, we’ve enabled the Process Inspector to also show archived instances and search for Archived applications.

Improved Media Capture UI Component

We’ve completely rebuilt the “Take Picture” Interface component into a full-featured Media Capture tool. This new component allows app creators to capture photos and videos from app consumers with a high degree of flexibility.


App creators can choose the types of media (photo/video) and can customize the filename of the resulting media file. Furthermore, app creators can now test the component in Live View.


The updated Media Capture component also brings several improvements for app consumers. The component now has a more intuitive look and feel on mobile devices, including the ability to switch cameras.

Improved Data Grid UI Component

For this release we improved the Data Grid Interface component. Now users have the capability to select multiple rows in order to perform an action.

Global Data Model Enhancements

We extended the capabilities of the Global Data Model in the administrative area to streamline the migration process of the entities from one environment to another one and to enhance the entity data management.


Now we can:


  • Export the structure or data of an entity (instant or via email)
  • Create an entity from an Excel file​​​​​​​
  • Import data​​​​​​​
  • Export data when we delete a populated entity​​​​​​​
  • Delete an attribute that contains data.
  • Audit all GDM structure operations (create, edit, delete entity, add, edit, delete attribute).

A toast notification is displayed to user when the entity has been successfully created.


The “add data” option is available only when I can save data.


The “create entity” for external source scenario ends with a message that warns the users to publish the entity to make it available.


The “Download swagger descriptor” is available only after the entity has been published.

SMS Notification Enhancements

In this release we added a Notification SDK that gives developers access to a service template that can be used to extend the SMS gateway capabilities. This allows configuring providers other than Twilio, which is the out-of-the-box option.


This new SDK allows configuring custom SMS services in whatever way suits your environment and company best. The methods exposed by the service are:


  • “/sms/fields” – gets all defined properties
  • “/sms/settings/save” – saves the SMS gateway settings
  • “/sms/settings” – retrieves the template settings
  • “/sms/send” – send one or bulk SMS using configured settings

After implementing the service and configuring the environment, the platform administrator will be able to select the newly created SMS gateway from Admin page – Messaging and com.


Multiple SMS Gateway services can be added to the same Aurachain environment but only one can be configured at tenant level (Twilio or another implemented provider).


Other Improvements

  • Dynamic Task name

With this release a small update was rolled out to all tasks. Custom names will be displayed by the system based on data available at the action time on the task interface (save for later / submit) in the Data Model.

  • Document Builder

In order to streamline the Document Builder interface, the Quick Insert button was removed.

  • Accessibility Improvements

This release comes bundled with new colorful additions on all task related components.


​​​​​​​New icons will replace the old ellipsis bubbles on the Task list (My task list, My team’s task list, Reports status menu) and on the top status cards from the dashboard.


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