Enterprise-grade IT governance tools

Control, speed and flexibility on a single, managed platform that enables you to launch process automation apps in days with zero breaks in IT governance.

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Deliver more software without added risk


of cloud apps within enterprises are shadow IT.


of people use two-factor authentication when possible.


higher profits for companies with superior IT governance.

Faster app development that’s always under your control

Ensure that you always know who did what on the platform, and when, thanks to granular permissions and IT controls with integrated audit capabilities. Eliminate the risk shadow apps may bring to the business.

Process Inspector: Extensive data audit for every process

Allow administrative users to conduct detailed and exhaustive technical and business audits. The advanced process inspector tool can be used to investigate and resolve runtime problems with process instances and take corrective actions when needed.


Process building permissions capabilities

Establish users and groups that benefit from permissions set-up in line with business requirements, which can be separately applied at global organization-level data and local process-level data within the platform.


Platform permissions allow clear delineation between administrators, application builders, team managers

We ensure that all internal data flows happen under secure encrypted channels. At the platform level, our extensive and granular permissions system ensures that only authorized users can read or modify different data elements.


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Intuitive process automation, easy to use and easier to scale

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Examples of applications built with Aurachain

The Democratization of Software Development

Unlocking infinite innovation with low-code platforms.

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Faster SME Customer Onboarding for Banks

New customers welcomed in less than 3 hours, rather than 3 days.

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Simplify Intracompany AP/AR Management

Streamlined accounting operations for networks of 500+ companies.

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Want to learn more about how you can use the low-code to drive Financial Services digital transformation?

Read our definitive whitepaper on low-code for Financial Services.

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