This Is The Aurachain Low-Code Platform

Drive digital transformation and see fast, scalable growth with Aurachain – the most intuitive low-code development platform for process automation

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Drive digital transformation with low-code


of all companies have adopted a digital first strategy.


of companies report fast improved operational efficiency.


of companies report improvements in time to market and CX.

The low-code process automation platform for enterprise apps

Accelerate digital transformation projects and elevate critical business processes with rapid app creation that helps you keep up with the pace of change. Aurachain is the most intuitive enterprise-grade low-code development platform that enables creation of digital process applications at speed.
fast-and-easy-process automation-with-aurachain-low-code-platform
fast-and-easy-process automation-with-aurachain-low-code-platform

Intuitive process automation, easy to use and easier to scale

Streamline app development with configurable components for fast and efficient process design that reduces time to market.

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Accelerated delivery in a collaborative environment

Drive faster and lower cost automation across your business on a platform that is intuitive and optimized for both business and technical users.

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Aurachain Design Process Flows
Aurachain Design Process Flows

Stay connected and integrate with everything

Seamlessly connect new applications with core enterprise and legacy systems, unlock new value from existing data sets, and eliminate silos from your organization.

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Enterprise-grade governance

Ensure that you always know who did what on the platform, and when, thanks to granular permissions and controls with integrated audit capabilities.

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Enterprise-grade governance

Exponential scalability for all sizes

Leverage Aurachain’s modern architecture, built for performance and scale. Deploy anywhere and be sure you get value immediately.

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Examples of applications built with Aurachain

Incident Management Apps

Complete enterprise-wide monitoring solutions built in just 15 days.

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Faster SME Customer Onboarding for Banks

New customers welcomed in less than 3 hours, rather than 3 days.

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Simplify Intracompany AP/AR Management

Streamlined accounting operations for networks of 500+ companies.

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Want to learn more about why low-code development platforms can drive rapid digital transformation?

Read our whitepaper on the Democratization of Software Development.

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