This Is the Aurachain Low-Code Platform

The most intuitive way to build enterprise-grade process applications

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Build Process Apps Fast on the Low-Code Platform Where Everyone Wins


Our role-based focus on easy adoption means there is no better way for process owners, subject matter experts, developers and IT operations to collaborate effectively in the development of powerful, difference-making apps.


Intuitive Process Design

Facilitate co-creation between teams to meet business needs quickly with drag and drop tools and a visual development style that ensures everyone is speaking the same language.

Outstanding User Experience

Deliver stunning experiences to creators, stakeholders, and end users with fully optimized screens for every activity from the moment you start building a new application.

Intelligent Document Completion

Create smart document templates that instantly insert user data and generate conditional sections based on preset rules to turn time-consuming repetition into responsive automation.

Real-time Reports

Constantly improve the operational performance of each process with direct visibility into flows for bottleneck identification, real-time audit trails, and immediate resolution capabilities.

Flexible Models

Easily configure advanced business logic for even the most complex processes and reuse data across your app portfolio, so the behavior of every application you build mirrors your operational profile.


Blockchain is Here

Bring your blockchain use cases to production with our easy-to-use low-code platform that has Distributed Ledger Connectivity built-in and specifically targets blockchain app integration.

Integrate with Everything

Seamlessly connect new applications with core enterprise and legacy systems, unlock new value from existing data sets, and eliminate silos from your organization.

Unlock the full potential of low-code and blockchain for your business