Build in days, apps that deliver real business value fast

Build in days, apps that deliver real business value fast

Aurachain Low-Code Development Platform

Our role-based focus on easy adoption means it’s never been simpler to create powerful and multi-channel applications.

Discover the modules of the Aurachain low-code app development platform below and see how process owners, subject matter experts, IT developers and IT operations can all contribute with their expertise to the application development process in a streamlined workflow.

Intuitive Process Design

Drag and drop tools with automated code creation means that new applications are delivered up to 80% faster 


Outstanding UX

Deliver the digital experiences that your customers and employees have come to expect. 


Blockchain is Here

All your apps made smarter with the only low-code app development platform that has blockchain built-in. 


Real-time Reports

Constantly improve application performance with direct visibility into your business process flows. 


Flexible Models

Empower all your applications with advanced business logic so their behavior mirrors your operational profile. 


Dynamic Documents

Create document templates once, then insert data model elements with a single click of a button for fluid document completion. 


Integrate with Everything

Seamlessly connect applications with any enterprise or legacy systems and free your siloed data. 


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Unlock the full potential of low-code and blockchain for your business.