Small-Medium Enterprise Onboarding Solution

New business customers onboarded in under 3 hours.

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The Business Problem

Onboarding new business customers can be a lengthy and painful process for banking organizations that lack automation. There are stringent regulatory checks to be met and these require a lot of documentation.

However, customers often supply sporadic and incomplete information, while departments within the bank may not be sharing data effectively. This all results in tedious chase work as the bank attempts to gather all the details they need from new customers, as well as duplicate data entries being made within different systems across the organization.

Use Aurachain to transform your onboarding process into a streamlined, automated and goal oriented flow.

New business customers will enjoy an accelerated digital journey that sees the onboarding process reduced from more than 3 days to under 3 hours.

The Low-Code Solution

Using the Aurachain low-code platform, banking organizations are able to rapidly implement a modern onboarding process for business customers.

The platform integrates with multiple systems, including core baking systems, in order to automate KYC and product eligibility checks.

Key Takeaways

Reduce the length of the process from over 3 days to under 3 hours.


Integrate with multiple systems to automate eligibility and due diligence checks.


Rapidly deploy a safe and personalized digital customer journey.

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The partnership with Aurachain allows CEC Bank to continue its digital transformation and align with the best available technologies worldwide.

Bogdan Neacsu, General Manager