Incident Management Solution Built with Low-Code

Delivered in 15 days for a national banking organization

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The Business Problem

For this large-scale banking organization, IT incident management had been a problem area due to the volume of devices in play and a lack of transparency around their status at any given time. After all, device and system outages can cause significant problems for any business. Downtime only ever leads to one thing – negative user or customer experience when a service is unavailable.

Tired of feeling as though it was always on the back foot, the bank wanted to be more proactive in identifying and resolving incidents when they arise. The bank knew it needed a better incident management system, but at the same time it couldn’t wait months for the new solution to be delivered.

This national bank used Aurachain to implement an incident management process that helps them manage 2,649 ATM and POS devices.
73% ---
IT teams spend an average of 73% of the incident response lifecycle in the response phase. That means it’s critical to create real-time visibility into collaborative workflows and make incident navigation easy. With Aurachain low-code platform you can build an incident management application that does just that.

The Low-Code Solution

Using the Aurachain low-code platform, the bank was able to implement a modern incident management system in just 15 days.

The solution covers an entire fleet of the ATM and POS devices, providing instant alerts, automatic incident reports, escalation to appropriate support levels, and much more to minimize failures and expedite fixes.

Key Takeaways


Why it’s important for companies to implement an incident management solution.


Why CEC Bank implemented the solution to help them manage 2,649 ATM/POS devices.


How our low-code incident management software can help your organization.

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The partnership with Aurachain allows CEC Bank to continue its digital transformation and align with the best available technologies worldwide.

Bogdan Neacsu, General Manager