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FX/IR Trading Tracking Platform

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Is Your Trading System Keeping Pace?

Managing $78 billion in assets across 24 global offices, our client grappled with an , manual macro-enable spreadsheet-based trading process for currency and interest rate hedging. The manual approach proved to be an opportunity for enhancements to save time and maintain data integrity.

Empowering Your Trading Operations: 
A Game-Changing Approach

In the ever-evolving world of trading operations, adaptability and
efficiency are paramount. Explore our transformative approach:

Speedy Implementation:

What was delivered


From initiation to approval, processes have been optimized for quicker decision-making

Auditability and Transparency

Every operational step is now trackable, ensuring full transparency and minimized risks.

Hands-free Regulatory Reporting

Automated reporting tools eliminate manual errors and effortlessly keep you compliant.

Enhanced User Experience

Role-specific interfaces ensure team members can focus on what matters the most.

Why You Should Take a Low-Code Approach for Your Process with Aurachain

  • Rapid Deployment: Implement complex solutions in a remarkably short time, as evidenced by our client’s 2-month integration period.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Transparency: Transition from manual, error-prone methods to a system where every step is auditable, transparent, and streamlined.
  • Automated Regulatory Compliance: Say goodbye to labor-intensive report compilations. Automated reporting ensures consistent compliance without the manual hassle.
  • Tailored User Experience: Benefit from a role-based user interface, ensuring team members have relevant, role-specific functionalities at their fingertips.

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