Secure and compliant by design

Our low-code development platform has been developed to meet enterprise-grade requirements for security and compliance, with built-in tools to ensure the integrity of every app you make.
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Deploy reliable and compliant apps at speed and at scale

Aurachain provides an advanced suite of governance and security tools that you can trust, such as user authentication, authorization, and comprehensive activity monitoring and logging.

shieldAuthorization & Access

shieldCommunication Security

shieldCluster Security

shieldCloud Datacenter Security

We make sure your data is safe

Aurachain has a clear privacy policy that emphasizes strong observance of data protection and respect of user privacy.

We take data protection very seriously and put a lot of effort into ensuring safe storage and protection of user data. We believe you should always know what data we collect and how we use it.

Compliance Certifications


ISO 27001

We are committed to provide the highest possible level of security for our customers and their data, by fully implementing, maintaining and continually improving our information security management system.


“The speed benefits of low-code can make a real difference for organizations in any industry, but we know this cannot come at the expense of security and compliance. That’s why we made sure Aurachain was built with this in mind from day one. Our enterprise-grade security and compliance tools ensure that any application built with Aurachain is safe, secure, and will hold up to any audit.”

Razvan Turtureanu
Chief Technology Officer at Aurachain

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