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We are a 3rd generation low-code platform

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The first generation of low-code platforms are developer-focused tools. The second generation saw a fundamental shift towards pushing app development to citizen developers through visual modelling and drag and drop functionality.

The first generation of low-code platforms are developer-focused tools.

The second generation saw a fundamental shift towards pushing app development to citizen developers through visual modelling and drag and drop functionality.

Aurachain combines the power of gen one developer focused tools with the ease of use that gen two platforms afford, while adding critical tools to ensure enterprise governance.

Aurachain combines the power of gen one developer focused tools with the ease of use that gen two platforms afford, while adding critical tools to ensure enterprise governance.


Ultra-fast application creation

Build and deploy new applications up to 80% faster than traditional development styles with projects completed in days or weeks, rather than months.


From clever time-savers to enterprise-graders

Whether it’s departmental workflows or complex process applications for the enterprise, the Aurachain low-code platform helps you drive innovation across the business and scale apps at speed when needed.


Continuous Business-IT alignment

Empower both technical and non-technical contributors to collaborate together on a platform where everyone speaks the same visual language and can understand how each app is progressing as it happens.


Modern, elastic and cloud native technology

Build flexible and scalable applications for modern business environments on a microservice architecture that handles rapid growth and a containerized architecture for multiple deployment options.


Seamless integrations

Link your apps to existing systems at speed in order to unify data, all done through API-driven connections that are configurable for CRM and ERP solutions, as well as any other apps or software solutions.


Blockchain connectivity

Harness the value and potential of Distributed Ledger Technology to bring blockchain use cases to production with automated code creation that precisely tackles integration.

This is Aurachain

Build software applications faster than ever before with the most intuitive low-code platform.

Aurachain empowers you to innovate through continuous business-IT alignment on a modern platform that fosters real collaboration and co-creation between subject matter experts, business analysts, and professional developers.

Accelerate digital transformation projects and elevate critical business processes with rapid app creation that helps you keep up with the pace of change.

Design and connect visual process flows

Drag and drop tools help you map out workflows in minutes, with a visual style that’s easy for everyone to follow and no coding required.

Build stunning user experiences

Effortlessly assemble brand-consistent and engaging screens from a prebuilt catalog of elements that give your end users the digital experiences they deserve.

Give your documents a big upgrade

Create document templates once and make them dynamic with configurable rules to pull data and hide or show sections depending on user inputs earlier in the process.

Instantly respond to changing needs

Change requests are handled in minutes or hours, instead of weeks or months, thanks to the rapid nature of low-code and flexible data models that let you to map your data in no time.

Unify your data and get more value from existing systems

Easily integrate every app you build on the Aurachain platform with external data and systems, so that you can eliminate silos and reduce the number of databases you need to navigate.

Resolve bottlenecks as they happen

See who did what, when, and where things sit now, with role-based interventions to reroute and reassign tasks. Aurachain always gives you full visibility into the status of your processes.

Blockchain connectivity is built in for you at no extra cost

Untangle your use cases from the complexities of blockchain integration with an accessible and practical way to leverage distributed ledger technology in your business processes.

All on a modern, low-code platform

This is digital operations done right.


See what you can build with Aurachain

New customers can be welcomed in less than 3 hours, not 3 days.

SME Onboarding Solution

Build in 15 days a real-time monitoring app for over 2500 devices.

Incident Management Application

Secure intracompany AP/AR operations supported by blockchain.

Intracompany AP/AR Management

This is digital operations done right


Enterprise grade

Build simple to highly complex process applications on an enterprise-grade platform with end-to-end digital workflow capabilities, API-driven connectivity, built in document generation, and support for mobile devices.


Intuitive to all

The Aurachain platform was designed with ease-of-use in mind. Information is always presented clearly and with a business context. This means subject matter experts from business and technical teams can contribute their knowledge directly into the platform and easily follow what is being done by others each step of the way.


Built-in governance

Ensure control over the full application life cycle with an extensive permission system, multiple environments with governed promotions, real-time visibility into process performance, and full data auditability.


Handle any workload

Leverage smooth evolutions from departmental to complex enterprise apps on a powerful, modern platform that can handle millions of users or cases. All supported by a microservices design and container-based tech stack that allows for cloud or on-premise deployment options.



Easily integrate and publish blockchain applications on a platform that is ready to go with DLT connectivity, so that you can explore blockchain use cases in a safe and controlled way for the business.

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