Making Processes & Blockchain flexibile and practical

Bridging the present to the future

Dynamic transformation

Velocity and performance
to grow revenue

Rapid operational change

Reconfigure for competitive advantage and take control of your business

Collaborative trust

Processes & collaboration models on & off blockchain

Smartfabric has a new identity: Aurachain. Bridging the present to the future.

Aurachain is an enterprise platform which allows the visual creation of digital process applications, without writing code.
The applications can be both blockchain-enabled (self-executing smart contracts) or digital apps, without blockchain.
Built by both engineers and functional analysts with an obsessive
attention to details, our platform allows fast-implementation cycles, rapid cloud deployment and most importantly, business-driven application configuration.
By doing this, we have become a bridge between the current enterprise platforms and the upcoming multi-sided, business ecosystems.

Low Code Platform

Business-driven creation of digital apps, without the need to code, for both commercial and consumer use.
Rapid cloud deployment.

On Chain and Off Chain

Enables users to intuitively distribute activities, both on and off blockchain and gives participants flexibility to control the cost of execution.

Outstanding User Experience

For collaboratively building, approving, executing and managing both digital process applications and blockchain applications, in flight.

Blockchain Agnostic

A platform which can manage contracts across any public and private blockchain network.

Full Compliance

All applications are audited to make sure there are no security breaches. The automatically generated code is matched against the designed business content.

What’s your toughest business challenge?

Quickly identify, prototype and launch into production internal and collaboration processes, that can be on and off blockchain, in order to answer your critical business needs.
We added a dynamic dimension to digital transformation through a new identity that is genuine, immutable and more secure.
Compete and grow: take a look at market validated industry case studies from around the world.

Transform your business

Facilitate rapid business model innovation through process transformation or build collaboration models on chain and off chain
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Blockchain insights and education

We believe that blockchain will radically transform how businesses are organized and managed, so
we made Blockchain easy for you to understand and use.

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