Drive end-to-end enterprise-grade process automation at speed

Empower your teams to rapidly deploy digital process applications with our intuitive, scalable, and IT-governed platform

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Low-code platform for process automation

Build fast

Deliver process applications in days or weeks, not months. Say goodbye to long development cycles and hello to rapid deployment.

Create together

Enable business teams and IT to work together seamlessly, ensuring that everyone can contribute their expertise to the application build.

Change easily

Make changes to process applications on the fly without sacrificing quality or compliance. Optimize performance or adapt to changing conditions.

Stay compliant

Gain full visibility into end-to-end processes with strong governance and audit features that ensure you always know exactly what is happening.

Aurachain Platform - Process Builder

Stop adding great ideas to a backlog of requests. Start driving your business forward!

No other platform is specifically designed to emphasize collaboration and governance for enterprise-level process automation. 

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Aurachain for Financial Services

Aurachain Solutions
for Financial Services

Designed by process experts and Financial Services consultants, our solutions enable you to rapidly digitize your core front and back office operational processes.

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Transform your business processes with Aurachain

Design your process on a visual canvas

Use intuitive drag and drop tools to map out complete process workflows in minutes.

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Aurachain Process Workflow
Aurachain User Interface Builder

Create stunning user experiences

Assemble engaging UIs from a prebuilt catalog of elements or build your own.

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Integrate with anything

External data? Legacy systems? Third-party services? Connect to them all without platform lock-in.

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Aurachain API Integrations
Aurachain Document Builder

Upgrade your documents

Create dynamic templates with conditional sections to pull data into contracts, forms, and more.

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Monitor the Process Live View

Track every instance of your processes with role-based interventions to reroute and reassign tasks.

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Aurachain Live Process View

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