Aurachain v3.7 – Release Notes


RELEASE DATE: 19 – May – 2020

Hello Friends! 

We’ve all been working from home for a long time now. But to avoid feeling like we’re always stuck in 2nd gear, we’ve been working hard to deliver a range of new features as part of the Aurachain 3.7 update. 

Let’s go! 

Release note highlights:

Document Builder – How you doin’

Document Builder has grown from an add-on to a powerhouse text editor that will delight you to the core. 

  • Whole document sections can now be displayed, or hidden, for the end user, using conditional blocks. Just select the text that you want conditioned or simply add the conditional block from the tool bar and start typing. Piece of cake. 
  • Document editors can delete a conditional block added to a content area. You can either delete the conditional block while leaving its content in place or remove the entire section.
  • When adding date- time attributes to the document, you can choose the date and time format from a wide range of options.

Users & Groups 

The physical distancing that we’ve all been working under has really triggered that pesky attention to detail in all of us. We made productive use out of this with a bit of spring cleaning here.

  • Greatly improved add & update User configuration model – see? Much cleaner! 
  • Better, faster, stronger. The group & user types logic was updated. We will leave it at that. Just know your life got much easier.    
  • Better, faster, stronger. The group & user types logic was updated. We will leave it at that. Just know your life got much easier.    

Permissions are here to stay

  • Permissions module gets a little nudge in the right direction. When creating or editing application specific groups, you can add additional permissions. 

Filter away on a mobile today 

  • We added those beautiful filters that make life so much easier for mobile users. 
  • Also, from now on managers can access their team’s tasks as well as their own on all mobile devices.  All actions are preserved from the web version to the mobile one.   

SAML Single Sign On

In this release note, we are happy to unveil a brand-new login and signup experience. It’s fresh, it’s exciting, and it means you no longer have to log in every time. Now it’s all automated. You just log in once and after that… magic! 

Of course, you will have to convince your admin to enable or disable SAML-only login in the Authentication module and then complete the Identity Provider configuration process. 

We will let you in on a little secret: this cool functionality was successfully tested against Microsoft Azure, Google, Office 365, Okta. 

We really think we hit a slam dunk with this one. 



Multilanguage Support 

Let’s face it, performing tasks in your own language is always much easier. 

That’s why we made the first step towards adding the feature. The feature is labeled as experimental as we only have support for Romanian, in addition to English.

ADMIN –With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility… and New Features 

It’s not possible to keep tabs on everything. And when we say everything, we mean everything. 

Just ask your Admin to flip the switch on the Display Full Timeline feature. 

The who, what, where, and when is at your fingertips. From the moment tasks are issued to when completed tasks are submitted – all actions will be accounted for and can be seen while working in the task interface. 


A little polish was applied to our Feature page for accommodating a new section called Integrations, where new interesting things are about to be released. 

Remember the multilanguage support we mentioned earlier? Well, this is where admins can manage that feature.  

Process Inspector 

Working from home during this time gave us the chance to improve our already awesome features in the Process Inspector department. So here goes the list, it’s a bit on the technical side so please bear with us: 

  • Users can now search for process instances that are started from external systems or are in exposed API activities. 
  • Documents are so important that we brought them into the timeline. Viewing & downloading a document from the timeline is now a reality. Now for the crème de la crème: 
  • By popular demand, from now on “Save” events are audited to the bone. Meaning that each time a save is performed along the business process, the system will remember the old value next to the new saved value. This data audit is visible on the Process Inspector Timeline and also on the Task Interface Timeline for administrators. 

Reassign from Reports 

OK, so let’s say Ross and Rachel are somewhat external users of your app. Ross was assigned a task but due to unforeseen events, Rachel must take over the said task. 

You can manage this easily form the Reports module. Simply choose the relevant external task and hit reassign. Then, once you have filled in Rachel’s email and phone number, the task now belongs to Rachel. 

Simple, right? 

Note: You can search for tasks residing in the exposed API activity using the external system credentials set up in the API module. 


Dashing Dashboard 

We are pouring even more love into the dashboard in version 3.7. 

  • Forging intricate algorithms to ease your workflow is very cool, right? Well, now one of those will always display the most recent used apps, always remembering the specific user that used the app last. 

The algorithm will regularly update based on the following actions: reports access, start, edit, save, and publish actions. 

  • All apps cards are now updated with the latest design trends thanks to the UX Department. 


  • At one point, the BCC field disappeared from all notifications but we have managed to put it back where it belongs. BCC functionality returns. 
  • From now on, no user will miss a task. We made sure of it. Reminders can now be easily implemented so that users automatically get reminded when a task is in their hands to proceed. Internal users (those with Aurachain accounts) will get first access to this feature. External users will soon follow. 
  • Expiration and Deadline events got spruced up with notifications. You can set notifications to be sent before or after the deadline or expiration of a certain task.  
  • A process can be automatically started based on a date and time set in the future. This feature can also be configured to repeat based on business requirements. 
  • It’s now possible to add a list of assignees for human tasks directly from the Data Model attribute list. 

Interface Builder – Scripting, Scripting, All That Scripting ​​​​​​​

Improved functionality of the Interface Builder is always a priority for users and version 3.7 comes with two main improvements in this area: 

  • Greatly improved scripting capabilities for changing component states to Read-only, Mandatory and Visible when using them in segments 
  • Users can now restrict uploads to certain types of documents, such as .doc, .pdf, .txt and so on. 

Tasks  – A New Filter

Here, we added a small feature to make life easier when it comes to managing tasks. 

  • A new filter was added to the task list that allows the user to easily differentiate between claimed tasks and all available tasks. 

Performance and security 

You may not be able to see or touch what’s under the hood, but a lot is going on there. Things like how documents are stored in the file system, database indexes optimisations, for example. 

Now you can enable Recaptcha for everything that can be accessed without being logged in.