Aurachain v3.0 – Release Notes



    1. New look and feel


    1. Improved application building experience


    1. Microservice based architecture


  1. Visual Smart Contract Designer


1. New look and feel

We have rebuilt the Aurachain UI’s, using a new design system with a greatly improved user experience.

The design system behind Aurachain’s UI has been created to accompany the user in his day-to day-work. It combines the classic principles of good design with the latest innovative solutions for web and mobile.

Fast, intuitive, flexible, dependable, focused the design system is meant to enhance the experience and minimize effort.

2. Improved application building experience

This has been re-designed and rebuilt, using a modern framework.

Performance has increased significantly, compared to the last version (2.10).

Context switching is now blazing fast.

Building an application UI has become easier and more efficient, with a 42% boost in user productivity.

3. Microservice based architecture

Rebuilt to take advantage of microservice pattern, built with cloud in mind, containerized with kubernetes as an orchestrator. One architecture for both cloud and on prem. Consolidated logging, log tracing, performance metrics and all the necessary things that come with the microservice pattern.

4. Visual Smart Contract Designer

A new experience for designing Smart Contracts that enables users to build even more complex smart contracts, for both Hyperledger and Ethereum.