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Aurachain for Financial Services

Aurachain solutions are designed by process experts and Financial Services consultants focused on enabling you to rapidly digitize your core front and back office operational processes. Our solutions, built on the intituitive Aurachain low-code platform, offer rapid, flexible, and user-friendly solutions that adapt seamlessly to the dynamic, evolving needs of Financial Services.

For organizations aiming to innovate without the complexity of traditional coding, our solutions are a game changer.

Experience an +85% reduction

in time-to-market when going live with your financial services solution

Achieve a 90%+ reduction

in processing time for core front and back operational processes

Why choose a solution for Financial Services built on Aurachain?

  • Competitive Advantages: enables your organization to become more accessible and responsive to clients, significantly reducing friction and accelerating daily request responses.
  • Operational Streamlining: cuts down management exceptions and common costs, streamlining processes for efficiency and scale.
  • Maximum Efficiency: be quick to deploy and change any of the applications at lower costs and timeframes versus traditional methods.
  • Compliance: ensures cost-efficient compliance with regulatory standards, improves auditability, and swiftly adapts to regulatory changes.

Rapidly digitize core front and back office operational processes

What can you expect from our solutions?

Ensure Impeccable Compliance with Aurachain’s Traceability & Transparency

Navigate the complex waters of financial regulations with the unparalleled clarity of Aurachain’s solutions, built on our powerful and intuitive low-code platform.

  • End-to-End Insight:
    Track every step of your business process with our comprehensive audit trails, ensuring nothing escapes your notice.
  • Instant Adaptation:
    Pivot effortlessly with rapid process adaptability, staying always in sync with the latest regulatory demands.
  • Lifecycle Clarity:
    Gain full visibility into all lifecycle activities, from due diligence to decision-making, with our transparent workflow insights.
  • Unleash Efficiency:
    Empower your team with the tools to oversee and optimize each process, driving efficiency and ensuring excellence in compliance.

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Hear it from our clients in Financial Services

“Impressed at the rate of innovation and ease of application maintenance.”
Sofia Vujatov – Head of Business Innovation at LaSalle

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“Grater transparency, flexibility, and speed in processing. Our customers are experiencing quicker decisions and fewer errors.”
Marcel Pfister – Head of Private Banking BLUE BIRD CAPITAL

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“Aurachain is aligning us with international tech standards, 
preparing us tor the future.”
Bogdan Neacsu – General Manager, Cec Bank

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“Through our partnership with Aurachain, we’ve harnessed transformative low-code solutions and are working towards a fully streamlined future.”
Asta Martinioné – Chief Process Officer at TMV Capital

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Why deploy your Financial Services Solutions on the Aurachain platform?

Swift, Strategic Impact:

  • Rapid application deployment reduces delivery from months to weeks and days.
  • Cost effective solutions and reduced cost of management.
  • Out of the box functionalities built by financial services experts.

Precision-Driven Results:

  • Visual design capabilities ensure developed applications align closely with business needs.
  • Changes are accomplished in minutes vs. weeks or months.
  • Real-time prototyping allowing application validation during development for better output and adoption.
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How Can Aurachain Solutions for Financial Services Support My Organization?

The Aurachain solutions are not just a one-size-fits-all approach. They are tailored to support your organization by streamlining processes, accelerating outcomes, and addressing critical needs specific to the financial services sector. From onboarding Small-Medium Enterprises to high-net-worth client lending, our solutions are designed to enhance efficiency, reduce time to market, and ensure seamless operations. Built on the Aurachain platform, they offer robust performance and scalability, empowering your organization to stay ahead in today's dynamic financial landscape.

Solutions built on the Aurachain platform are not just efficient, they are reliable. They drive financial services organizations by streamlining processes and accelerating outcomes. They facilitate rapid application deployment, significantly reducing time to market. With their versatile capabilities, these solutions cater to a diverse array of needs within financial services, spanning from SME onboarding to high-net-worth client lending. Moreover they are securely hosted on resilient cloud-native architectures, ensuring robust performance and scalability.

How Can These Solutions Help Overcome Market Challenges in the Banking and Financial Services Sector?

Our solutions are strategically crafted by banking and process experts to address the evolving landscape of financial services, tackling challenges such as regulatory compliance and shifting customer demands. By leveraging low-code technology, we offer rapid digitization and optimization of front and back-office processes. This enables your organization to enhance customer experiences, automate critical workflows, and achieve greater operational resilience and efficiency in today's dynamic market.

How Do These Solutions Ensure Security and Compliance in Financial Applications?

Our solutions are designed with security and compliance as top priorities, aligning seamlessly with the stringent requirements of the financial services sector. With built-in security features and adherence to industry standards, our solutions offer robust protection for sensitive data. What's more, they seamlessly integrate with your existing security frameworks, ensuring your applications maintain the highest security and compliance standards without disrupting your operations.

How Can These Solutions Facilitate Integration with Existing Financial Systems?

Our solutions have extensive integration capabilities, seamlessly connecting with various financial systems, CRM platforms, AML and KYC systems, and other software. This integration streamlines data flow and enhances operational efficiency, ensuring that your organization maintains a competitive edge and delivers exceptional customer satisfaction.

What Skills or Training Are Beneficial for Maximizing Financial Services Solutions Built on Aurachain?

Our financial services solutions are designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. As a financial services professional, subject matter expert, IT, or business user, you are empowered to enhance your utilization of our platform, particularly when adjusting and deploying solutions for complex changes.

To make the most of our platform, you need a foundational understanding of Aurachain's features and functionalities. This knowledge empowers your team to innovate more effectively and confidently in addressing financial challenges. We provide a wealth of resources, including tutorials, contextual help, and self-service tools, to assist you in mastering the platform.

At Aurachain, we believe in a collaborative approach. We value your expertise and encourage you to actively participate in adapting solutions. This way, you can fully exploit the potential of Aurachain to meet your financial service needs in a secure and efficient manner.

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