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The state of financial services


73% of people agree that their financial services firms should be using technology to make doing business with them easier. – EY

Decision making at traditional banks is typically slow, with poor prioritization that results in project delays and cost overruns. – McKinsey

Shadow IT is taking up 30-40% of overall IT spending for large enterprises – meaning just under half of IT budgets are spent on tools that fall outside IT governance. – Gartner

The all-in-one platform for process automation

Change the way you build powerful and scalable software with Aurachain. Our easy-to-use, enterprise-grade low-code platform enables intuitive and rapid creation of digital process applications.


Intuitive process automation, easy to use and easier to scale.

Streamline app development with configurable components for fast and efficient process design that
reduces time to market.


Agile low-code development with great collaboration.

Drive faster and lower cost automation across your business on a platform that is intuitive and optimized for both business and technical users.


Enjoy great flexibility with exponential scalability for all sizes.

Leverage Aurachain’s modern architecture, built for performance and scale. Deploy anywhere and be sure you get value immediately.

Examples of applications in the Banking Industry built with Aurachain

New customers can be welcomed
in less than 3 hours, not 3 days.

Faster Client Onboarding Apps

Banking clients have used Aurachain to build and deploy a fully integrated low-code SME customer onboarding solution that accelerates speed to market, decreases time to ROI, and boosts customer satisfaction with an end-to-end digital experience.

Download the use case →

Incident Management Apps

A leading European bank used Aurachain to create a complete incident management system for its ATM and POS fleet in just 15 days, with Google Maps integration for real-time visibility, instant awareness of issues and faster remediation.

Download the use case →

Build in 15 days a real-time monitoring application for over 2500 devices.

Deliver approval and documentation
in less than 3 hours

Letters of Guarantee Process Automation

Letter of Guarantee issuance is a lengthy process that can be a painful and tedious experience for customers often hoping for a fast decision. Automate system interrogations and unify the process flow into a fully auditable and easily customizable digital experience that reduces approval times to under 3 hours.

Download the use case →

“Low-code meant we could make necessary changes quickly and with lower costs compared to replacing the entire system, plus accelerated time to market.”

Cristina Totu, Director and Head of SME Division at CEC Bank

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