Accelerated delivery in a collaborative environment

We make it easier for you to build process apps faster by enhancing the collaboration between business and IT.

——————— Companies driving transformation with Aurachain ———————

Automate processes across the business faster and at lower cost

Intuitive and optimized visual development for both business and technical users. Instantly respond to changing needs and new requests without diverting resources from other projects.


increase in employee productivity.


improved operational efficiency.


better IT-business teams collaboration.


less employee pushback when new tech is implemented.

Enable teams to contribute and collaborate effectively

Make app development easier for everyone, from business subject matter experts to IT specialists. All in a single low-code platform with a stunning user experience that promotes adoption for both app creators and end-users.

Enable several app builders to work on the same app simultaneously, entirely conflict-free

Foster real collaboration in application development by enabling builders to work on the same app at the same time on a single platform.

Realize your digitalization goals at speed by building multiple apps on a single platform

Deliver automated processes throughout your organization with reusable components and data for exponentially faster builds.

Leverage a modular development UX that matches a wide range of technical expertise

Speed up the development process by allowing each team member to work on one component on the app without interference.

Examples of applications built with Aurachain

Letter of Guarantee Issuance Solution

Deliver approval and documentation in less than 3 hours.

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Job Retention Scheme Portal

Reduce response time from 10 to 1.5 days by eliminating paper-based operations.

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Low-code for Financial Services

Financial Services transformation driven by low-code development platforms.

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Want to learn more about how you can use the Aurachain low-code platform to drive digital transformation?

Read our whitepaper on the Democratization of Software Development.

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