Low-Code Process Automation in Supply Chain

Streamline supply chain and logistic operations, optimize performance, and gain efficiency with our enterprise-grade low-code platform.

Why Supply Chain Needs Low-Code for Process Automation


of companies report disruption due to increased demand


loss of one’s year EBITDA every decade


of companies lack accurate and timely information from partners to suppliers

Achieve operational excellence fast

Use our highly intuitive, enterprise-grade platform to build supply chain and logistics solutions that will help you:

  • Reduce human error and improve accuracy in your processes
  • Increase efficiency and productivity across the supply chain
  • Enhance visibility and control over your operations
  • Improve collaboration and communication between departments
  • Optimize your supply chain performance and reduce costs

Take the first step today. Want to see our low-code platform in action?

Take the first step today. Want to see our low-code platform in action?

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Stop losing money through core processes

Improve and optimize key processes in the supply chain and logistics to drive efficiency gains and cost savings. For example, these processes are prime candidates for automation and digitalization with low-code applications.


Inventory management

Reduce stockouts and instances of excess inventory by automating inventory tracking and replenishment processes.


Transportation and logistics

Optimize routes and reduce transportation costs with transportation planning and scheduling automation.


Procurement time

Ensure timely delivery of goods and services while reducing costs by automating the sourcing and purchasing process.


Quality control and compliance

Streamline the monitoring and enforcement of quality control and compliance so that products always meet industry standards and regulatory requirements.


Warehousing and distribution

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of warehouse operations, such as receiving, putaway, picking and shipping, with digitalized processes.


Operational analytics

Gain real-time insights into supply chain and logistic operations and make data-driven decisions by automating data collection and analysis.

Transformation starts now with Aurachain


Streamline processes

Bridge communication gaps and gain visibility into blind spots with process applications that connect systems and form a vital link between internal departments or external partners.


Modernize faster

Digitalize key processes in weeks, rather than months, for rapid transformation and make changes to applications on the fly for greater flexibility.


Scale when needed

Leverage a strong platform architecture that can handle millions of users or cases. All backed by a microservices-based tech stack that can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises.


Drive enterprise-wide change

Boost the productivity and satisfaction of employees and external users by providing them with intuitive apps that ensure the right person always gets the right information at the right time.

See what an enterprise-grade low-code platform could do for your supply chain.

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Supply Chain and Logistic Solutions Built with Aurachain

Ready to get started?

Here is some inspiration from other solutions that have already been built using our enterprise-grade low-code platform.


Contract Negotiation

Track contract creation from request to approval with a straightforward user experience for port operators, businesses, and customers.

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Rate Management

Boost efficiency by allowing customer involvement throughout the process without requiring them to be registered on the platform.

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Order Management

Establish and manage transport choices, optimize routes, and reduce empty miles to save both time and money.

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