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What does Aurachain do?

Aurachain is an enterprise platform which allows the visual creation of digital process applications, without writing code. These applications created by Aurachain can be both blockchain-enabled (self-executing smart contracts) or digital apps, without blockchain.

What is a smart contract?

In simplistic terms, a Smart Contract automates the execution of a written contract on a public or private blockchain and with it, enforces terms, proves performance, and even exchanges currency; all the while speeding up contract execution and eliminating the need and cost of a trusted 3rd party.


From a technical perspective, it is computer code built into the network that the system acts on. It creates a domino series of events to push forward a transaction, providing logic to the flow of the transaction, execution and verification of actions by involved stakeholders and an audit trail of activities which is executed against and which provides a record for executing payments.

Why should I use Aurachain for blockchain applications?

For at least the following reasons:


  • Reduce cost: costs of specialized developers, excessive transaction costs from non-optimized smart contracts, costs for 3rd party mediation services and dispute resolution
  • Increase control: keep a consolidated list of all contracts for quicker access
  • Minimize risks: all contract components are audited to make sure that there are no security breaches and the description matches the code
  • Being able to balance in one single platform, all the activities on the blockchain with the ones performed off-chain
  • Intuitive user experience: Aurachain creates Smart Contracts, by leveraging existing paradigms such as: paper contracts, process flows and UI builders.