Here’s What’s New in Aurachain v3.18

This latest version of the Aurachain platform brings a few big changes. A brand-new look will hold the center stage of this release alongside an improved diagram.


Major enhancements were added to the Aurachain platform that give more control and greater flexibility when building and managing applications.


Now let’s take a more detailed view at Aurachain 3.18.

Refined and Redesigned Pages

Users will now be able to save time and gain efficiency while working thanks to more approachable and helpful page structures. This comes in the form of a more tailored design throughout the entire platform in order to standardize the display of all the interfaces across the platform.


With Aurachain 3.18, the platform will benefit from more unified navigations patterns, titles, headers and much more.


A new way of navigating through the platform and modules has also been added in order to enhance and simplify the user experience. And finally, users will find that the application creation and import function has an improved and more intuitive behavior.

Unified desing-Aurachain-3-18



Unified User Interface.


Enhanced user behavior and efficiency.


Improved look and feel of the platform – a more intuitive experience.

Upgraded Process Builder 

There are several new ways users can interact with the process diagram in Aurachain 3.18, which has been upgraded to feature an endless canvas – so that users have plenty of space to design even the most complex processes.


What’s more, intuitive actions such as multiple item select using CTRL, navigating with arrow keys, and common shortcuts (CTRL+C to copy, CTRL+V to paste) are now possible.


Finally, every element of the Diagram has been redesigned to be compliant with BPMN guidelines – a standard graphical representation of all business processes.

Diagram 2.0-Aurachain-3-18



Increased flexibility when using the Diagram elements.


Enhanced performance of the Diagram’s functionalities.


A user-friendly design that leads to a faster navigation and more intuitive actions on the platform.

Data Protection Updates

Even more actions taken on the platform are now auditable. For example, Aurachain admins can remove or anonymize parts of an application instance – things such as documents, messages, or data – to comply with GDPR requirements regarding anonymization and data retention.


With Aurachain v3.18, all these actions are now audited in the instance timeline and are accompanied by a timestamp and username. This means the actions can always be traced back to the person that made the change.


Performance Improvements


Advanced Logic Configuration

Users can now access data and perform complex logic on data retrieved via various types of APIs, through JavaScript, inside Advanced logic activity.


API Users and Groups Manipulation

User Management System APIs now offer more flexibility to users by introducing two new endpoints – one for checking whether a user has a blockchain wallet, and one for removing a user from a group – leading to more powerful, automated User Management in Aurachain applications.


Current User IP Address Variable

We now have the capability to capture the IP address of users that submit tasks.


Improved saving and publishing in Data Model and Catalogs modules

We’ve made working with Catalogs and the application’s Data Model easier to understand by clearly signaling to users when changes need to be saved.  Now, after application changes are saved, the user is prompted to publish those changes before they take effect on the live application. This behavior is now in line with the other application modules.

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