Enjoy great flexibility with exponential
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Seamlessly scale low-code apps to enterprise-level on a microservices cloud architecture that supports rapid growth.

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Deliver more software without added risk


of CIOs’ top priority in driving their company’s cloud strategy in 2021 is scalability and flexibility.


of businesses report improved scalability of operations after using automation.

Leverage a modern architecture built for performance & scale

Deploy anywhere and be sure you get value immediately. Handle any workload, from a handful of cases all the way up to millions of users. Cloud-native, ultra-modern architecture allows multiple deployment options.

Cloud-native, microservices design with a container orchestration-oriented tech stack

Aurachain is built using a modern microservice based containerized design. Most of the development uses a combination of Java with Spring Boot and Spring Cloud for back-end and Javascript, vue.js and Quasar for the front-end.


Platform supports vertical and horizontal scalability

Horizontal Scalability is achieved by using declarative management, which changes the number of pods running microservices. The same goes for the Kubernetes worker nodes, which can be easily added or subtracted based on needs.  The platform scales vertically by increasing resource allocations per service when needed.  The resources allocated to a Kubernetes worker can also be altered.


Reliable and self-healing infrastructure technology

Self-healing Kubernetes restarts containers that fail, replaces containers, kills containers that don’t respond to your user-defined health check, and doesn’t advertise them to clients until they are ready to serve.


Supports public, private clouds and on-premise deployments

True to our enterprise core strengths, we aim to offer our clients full deployment flexibility. For this reason, Aurachain can be deployed in your preferred scenario: on premises, in your own cloud environment or in our managed public cloud.


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Intuitive process automation, easy to use and easier to scale

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Enterprise-grade governance tools

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Accelerated delivery in a collaborative environment

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Examples of applications built with Aurachain

Tokenize real-world assets

Create your own marketplace for digital assets with low-code.

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Incident Management Apps

Build in 15 days a real-time monitoring app for over 2500 devices.

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The Democratization of Software Development

Unlocking infinite innovation with low-code platforms.

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Want to learn more about how you can use the low-code to drive Financial Services digital transformation?

Read our definitive whitepaper on low-code for Financial Services.

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