Aurachain v3.6.0 – Release Notes

We’re pleased to present Aurachain v3.6.0.
Strap yourselves to your chairs. It’s gonna be a wild ride with many, many goodies.

Release note highlights:

    • Document Designer – the series
    • Task-tastic improvements
    • Rules are meant for testing
    • Mobile – It’s not just for texting
    • Improved APIs
    • Process Inspector timeline bloomed with delicious goodies
    • Reports Goodies
    • Introducing permissions – the star of 3.6 release
    • Data Model Spring / Summer 2020 edition
    • Catalogs – 2 in 1 special
    • UI Builder – DIY Delights
    • Admin-tastic update
    • Delicious Diagram

And now for a more detailed look at the changes:

Document Designer – the series

We got inspired and looked under the Document Designer’s hood to change a few things to help you out.

The engine has been fixed… also the chassis, the frame, the interior. OK, basically we’ve built an entire new Document Editor.

It’s time to get clicky! We kept all the beautiful features that you love so much and then added some more on top. ???? These new features will make editing a document a breeze:

  • Adding attributes and variables is as easy as typing “$” on the page. Do it. We know you want to. Just give it a go and see what happens. 
  • Horizontal lines are back in style, that’s why we added them! And they also help you separate sections of text to add visual appeal. 

Task-tastic improvements

We made the task list great again. You’re going to love it.

  • The sorting and column preferences are now saved! Automatically, no less! We kid you not! No more re-sorting based on your preferences every time you access the task list. Once is enough… So, it’s just awesomeness. Yeah!
  • Also, we got rid of the basic naming like Open & Completed and we went for a more user-friendly naming. “To do” is like magic.

Rules are meant for testing

First things first: We used pixie dust and now rules look better than ever.

    • All the coding elements when setting up rules are gone. We know it’s sooo much better. 
  • ALogical operators will now have a visual indicator. Much easier to understand, right? 
  • The villain of the story, the statement card, will be hidden forever and always. You can unhide it at a push of a button if you really, really want to. Pixies will be sad if you do, though. 

Elves worked at rules too. The testing part of rules needed a little more muscle we admit.

  • Oh, such beautiful colors have been used so that variables pop out if you want to identify & modify them with ease. 
  • Tooltips, borders, juxtapositions and eye-catching colors were used so that your experience is as flawless as possible. 
  • Rule testing got upgraded so that you can now test all rules defined on a specific activity at once.  

And for the cherry on top, all rules from everywhere can be imported and used!! Give it a minute… it’s just magic.


Mobile – It’s not just for texting

It’s a no-brainer that we had to optimize Aurachain to be mobile-friendly.  You asked and now we delivered.

To keep your productivity up to par we brought out our chisel and the hammer and made the Aurachain platform mobile responsive so it’s time to tap, tap, tap away.

  • From the Login page to Task list and furthermore to any task interface, all are accessible on any mobile device regardless if you are an IOS or an Android fan. 

It never has been easier to work on the go…

  • You can receive and work on your tasks form anywhere – from the park or on your way to grab a well-deserved coffee. 

All the benefits like a task’s whereabouts (that colorful thing we like to call timeline), documents & comments in your pocket.


Improved APIs

Roses are red, Violets are blue, APIs are here again for you.

A few tweaks here and there and all parameters from consumed APIs are perfectly organized, just like in a doctor’s office. Now you can map parameters from header and path when calling API’s

Call APIs are enjoying the pretty data model selector.

Process Inspector timeline bloomed with delicious goodies


For all admins, big or small, the timeline brings:

  • A display of all actions performed upon an instance  
  • A view of all external task details 
  • All blockchain transactions throughout the process 
  • A parade of all document data from the process 

Another great feature that this 3.6 update brings is that the admin user can export a selected list of processes to excel.

Last, but not least, if just one tiny, tiny little consumed API fails; you will know about it.

Introducing permissions – the star of 3.6 release

  • So, we went berserk! From off the shelf basic permissions to a more granular system, the way you grant authorizations on different modules will change your life… for the better, of course! 
  • All platform modules will have, with this new and shiny system, their own permissions.  
  • 15 default permission sets are at your disposal to help you get started. These can be combined in as many ways you want. 
    • The admin role, so to speak, was also reconfigured to match up with the new permissions system.  
  • He will still have all his rights for all intenseness and purposes but with a little twist: he will have a clear view over applications with the ability of granting permissions. 
  • So, he will not be able to work on the different modules of an app unless he turns the respective module permissions on, for himself, obviously. 
  • With this new update, all your permissions will automatically be migrated to the new system. We’ve got your back here we promise! 

Data Model Spring / Summer 2020 edition

  • The togglable properties for attributes & classes have gotten a clean business look 
  • Intricate validations were put in place so that the data model creating & setting up will go as silky smooth as possible  

Catalogs – 2 in 1 special

Import true / false strings as logical values with a twist (will accept “0/1” and “True/False” values)

UI Builder – DIY Delights

You can bend almost every element of the UI Builder to your will.

  • Label values can be changed easily with custom code. You just have to pick the trigger (any textbox will do) add “OnChange” event to it and then tell it what to do. 
  • UIs can be blocked for certain amounts of time so that no actions can be taken there until calls are finished with just a few lines of script and 2 carefully engineered methods: getWorkInProgress & setWorkInProgress 
  • API calls (the button, of course) will have a script method of its own that will force the API to promise that it will deliver a result. So basically, you can continue your work while the API works in the back, to deliver on that promise 
  • It’s now a piece of cake to bring an entire row of data from a catalog through scripting. 
  • Greatly improved scripting capabilities for segment & buttons set-ups 

Told you, it’s all about scripting these days.

Admin-tastic update

We gave up the “Labs” labeling. It wasn’t working for us. So, from now on Labs will be known as “Features”. Much more business explanatory from our point of view.


Delicious Diagram

The updates here are tasty, but so tiny that they will probably go unnoticed even for the trained eye:

  • The connector modal got a bit of sparkle 
  • The Call API configuration modal also got a bit of love