Intuitive process automation

Facilitate co-creation between teams to meet business needs quickly with drag-and-drop tools and a visual development style that ensures transparency and collaboration.
fast-and-easy-process automation-with-aurachain-low-code-platform

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Take advantage of fast and efficient process design that reduces time to market and development time


faster time to market for new products and solutions.


reduced app development time compared to traditional methods.


of apps will be developed using at least one low-code solution by 2024.

Build business process applications at speed

Automate end-to-end processes that connect multiple systems, teams, and departments in a continuous flow optimized for efficiency and growth.

Design process flows using intuitive drag & drop functionality on a visual canvas

Map out, label, and connect complete process flows on an interactive canvas in minutes, then easily configure and assign priority levels and deadlines to each stage.

Aurachain Design Process Flows

Provide users with spacious, modern UIs that show all relevant contextual information

Design consistent and engaging user interfaces with customizable elements in order to deliver stunning digital experiences to customers and users.

Aurachain Spacious Modern UI

Automate code creation for common elements

Accelerate the application building process with automated code creation that frees up resources and enables a rapid, iterative development style while eliminating tedious hand-coding.

Aurachain automate code creation

Clear modularization for every step of the app-building process

Each part of an application build is modularized to provide a streamlined and flexible development approach that is easy for everyone to understand.

Aurachain Modular Development

Simplify the way you build process applications with a streamlined, step-by-step approach.

Build simple to highly complex process applications on an enterprise-grade platform with end-to-end digital workflow capabilities, API-driven connectivity, and built-in dynamic document generation.

Aurachain simplify app creation

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Accelerated delivery in a collaborative environment

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Scalability and flexibility

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Enterprise-grade governance tools

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Integrate with everything

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Examples of applications built with Aurachain

Simplify Intracompany AP/AR Management

Streamlined accounting operations for networks of 500+ companies.

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Letter of Guarantee Issuance Solution

Deliver approval and documentation in less than 3 hours.

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Incident Management Apps

Complete enterprise-wide monitoring solutions built in just 15 days.

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Want to learn more about how you can use the Aurachain low-code platform to drive digital transformation?

Read our whitepaper on the Democratization of Software Development.

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