Reimagine your business lending processes in a digital way

Stop dealing with paperwork and focus on what you do best. SME Lending is a low-code application that streamlines the lending decision-making process.
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75% faster eligibility procedure

Banks can utilize the solution to automate eligibility procedures. Superior monitoring, reporting, and audit capabilities eliminate the need for manual reviews, improve the user experience, and boost efficiency.


Eliminate human error and manual tasks

The method for SME Lending is fully automated; all you need to do is input the data about your company, and the application will handle the rest of the work.

Unlimited scalability

Leverage the infinite scalability of the Aurachain low-code platform while providing exceptional customer experiences. The cross-platform architecture ensures that the solution not only works effortlessly across all devices, but is also future proof and ready to scale in line with your company’s needs.


Increase security and audit capabilities

As a data-driven organization, we understand the need for correctly preserving and managing data. As a result, our platform is designed with robust security measures to provide you and your customers with complete peace of mind.

Why you should take a low-code platform approach to SME Loan Processing

  • Automated, data-driven decisions that really make a difference at every stage.
  • Easily connect to core banking systems to eliminate process gaps and leverage existing data.
  • Enable an unlimited number of tiers of business rules and decision for automated scoring .
  • Change requests in the SME lending process flow or business rules can be handled in minutes or hours.
  • Leverage modern technologies like RPA, OCR and Digital Signature.

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