Digital Onboarding of Investors

Streamline your capital-raising process and facilitate a digital journey for investor registration.
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Increase transparency in your investor onboarding process

The risk of losing investors to a lousy onboarding journey is high, especially when you rely on lengthy paper-based processes, back-and-forth communication that requires multiple trips to a physical branch, and manual data entry into disconnected systems.

Digital investor onboarding helps you automate all the tasks and crucial steps in a fully digital process, allowing you to gather all of the necessary information in one go while providing insight on the state of the process at all times.

of the membership paperwork is not correctly completed on the first try.

Source: SS&C

Digital investor registration made easy

Automate the investor registration workflow to speed up information processing and reduce the need for endless manual interventions through the use of modern technologies, such as OCR to collect and prefill information on all documents, e-signatures to optimize approvals, and facial recognition and biometrics for verification.


Securely streamline any type of assembly meetings for stakeholders

Simple integration with tools for taking part in any type of shareholder meeting. Investors can vote online in total security, using a unique and distinctive ID, which streamlines board decision making and allows you to create a more engaged and informed community of investors.

Digitalize paper-heavy processes and laborious manual tasks

Reduce the number of manual interventions and eliminate duplicated work with a rapidly developed solution, which can be installed in any industry or size of firm.


Automate regulatory compliance checks

Stay on top of statutory requirements with workflows that automate important information such as KYC and AML scanning, identity verification, and many other checks that strengthen security and reduce the risk of noncompliance. Aurachain’s investor onboarding solution is certified and secure, meeting the highest standards of compliance.

Why you should take a low-code platform approach to Investors Digital Onboarding?

Outstanding UX

Easily create intuitive user interfaces for any touchpoint in the journey with mobile-optimized interfaces, reusable components, and simple integration with modern technologies like OCR and face recognition.

Scalability and efficiency

Build a scalable onboarding process that automates complicated procedures using visual modeling and streamlines new investor onboarding with greater compliance and regulatory controls.

Enable fast changes with a customizable low-code platform

Improve your onboarding journeys continuously by reacting fast and cost-effectively to workflow changes or new regulations and compliance without sacrificing quality or security.

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