Aurachain for Supply Chain.

Enhance your order management system with an optimized digital process

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Improve the efficiency and accuracy of shipments to save time & money

Streamline your order and shipment management with a digital process app built with Aurachain. Integrate with existing systems to improve decision-making and visibility while making it easier for service providers to manage transport options, optimize routes, and reduce empty miles.

Up to 35% of truck miles are without any cargo, resulting in a low utilization rate of less than 70% of capacity.

Source: Research data from Convoy’s Sustainability in Trucking Snapshot in March 2022.


Simplify order and shipping processes for more efficient transportation management

A logistics management solution built with the Aurachain low-code platform helps you transform the way customers fulfil transportation needs. Enable customers to choose the best transportation option for their needs and improve the overall experience with a simplified process and automated contract creation.


Data driven optimizations

User-friendly and intuitive design with features like real-time tracking, scheduling, and route optimization.

Fast & easy integration

Integration with existing systems for sharing accurate and up-to-date information.

Automated contract generation and e-sign

Automatic contract creation and signing to prevent misunderstandings or disputes.