Aurachain for Supply Chain.

Transform supply chain contract negotiations into a streamlined digital process

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Put an end to the delays, inefficiencies, and contract disputes

Solve contract negotiation challenges in the supply chain and logistics industry by improving transparency and communication. Choose a low-code platform that enables you to automate, digitalize, and easily track operational processes for contract generation, negotiation, eSign contract terms.

Challenges reported by supply chain professionals

Partner and supplier information is inaccurate


Financial losses due to contract compliance issues


Easily manage and track any step in your contract negotiation process

A solution built entirely on the Aurachain low-code platform and based on the business use case of a major international group of shipping ports. It aligns processes across port operators, commercial and customer representatives, legal teams, and terminal heads and speeds up contract negotiation and sign-off.

Intelligent workflows

Intelligent negotiation workflows that guide clients through every step of the contract negotiation process.


Real-time collaboration

Real-time collaboration tools that enable seamless communication between all process participants.

Contract lifecycle automation

Automated contract lifecycle management that ensures all parties adhere to agreed-upon terms and conditions.

Why you should take a low-code approach to supply chain contract negotiation

  • A fully digital solution that solves the age-old problem of transparency and visibility in contract negotiations.
  • Empower your clients to initiate and complete the contract negotiation process efficiently and with ease.
  • Know where things stand at all times with real-time tracking and management capabilities.
  • Minimize the risk of costly disputes and disruptions in the supply chain.

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