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Streamline the entire product lifecycle with a system that offers a centralized view and a guided path for creation, modification, and launch of new banking products.
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Frictionless management of your banking products catalog

The production of a new banking product can include as many as ten different departments. With so many teams and inputs required, it is common for the product launch process to be fraught with disconnects, inefficiencies, and poor visibility. Similar issues arise whenever modification of existing product features is required, or if the bank decides to merge products into bundles, or other similar methods.

This has to change for banks to launch and manage products in a timely and cost-effective way.

departments involved in the product lifecycle

Centralize your repository of product information

A low-code solution rapidly provides banks and other financial institutions with automated control and an integrated picture of all products provided to customers. What’s more, the solution guides all internal actors through the steps of product development, change, decommissioning, and synchronization.

How Aurachain helps you streamline your product lifecycle management


Enable business users to manage product propositions quickly.


Enable one consistent view of all product information across all banking systems and departments.


Reduce the cost of creating, changing, and launching products.


Accelerate time to market.

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