Aurachain for Supply Chain.

Digitalization of rate management for supply chain

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Reduce the costs of your inland transportation with a streamlined digital process

Shippers need to navigate a highly competitive landscape in which freight rates remain high, inflation continues to rise, and ongoing global events cause uncertainty. Provide them with a solution that improves collaboration and increases customer satisfaction by helping them to optimize transportation activities.

of shippers list cost as their primary concern in their transportation strategy.

Transform your data into value and improve your client experience

With the help of our low-code platform, a worldwide logistics firm was able to provide a digital process by which its clients could quickly and simply identify the most effective means to transport their goods. The solution offers internal rates, customer participation, data export to other systems, and service options that can be filtered based on cost and transit time.


Digital customer experience

Enable direct and easy customer involvement in the contract sign-off process.

Speed up decisions with rule-based automations

Conditional approval matrix for automatic or manual approval of requests.


Eliminates paperwork and back-and-forth communication

Dynamic generation of all required documentation, including contracts.