User Interface Builder


Enterprise Apps You’ll Want to Use Again and Again

Design brand-consistent and engaging UIs with the Aurachain UI builder.

Use customizable templates or build your own, then deliver intuitive interfaces to any touchpoint.

Rapid UI performance that you and your organization can always count on – guaranteed.

Customizable and Responsive

Choose from a selection of interface behaviors based on user inputs and actions.

Build exponentially faster by exporting elements within the interface designer. Take what you love from one application to use in another.

Create familiarity and consistency through your app portfolio.


Instantly Connect with Data Models

Link each user interface to a data model directly from the same screen.

Set up and leverage advanced business logic to optimize operations.


This is the power of  Low-Code


Seeing Is Believing

A web page can only tell you so much. It’s time to discover what the power of low-code can do for you.