LaSalle Redesigns FX and IR Hedging Workflow Process in Just 3 Months

Palo Alto, October 31, 2023 — LaSalle, a leading global real estate investment management firm, has embarked on a digital transformation journey with Aurachain, a leading low-code digital process automation platform. This partnership ushers in a new era of application design, operational efficiency, visibility and control throughout the application lifecycle.

LaSalle’s treasury team grappled with manual processes to manage Foreign Exchange and Interest Rate trades, relying on intricate macro-enabled spreadsheets to manage the large volume of trade data and emails, and to provide the audit trail for internal approval processes. While well-established, the manual approach proved to be an opportunity for enhancements to save time and maintain data integrity.

Recognizing the need for efficiency, transparency, and error elimination, LaSalle set out to replace its cumbersome spreadsheet process with an automated, streamlined application built on the Aurachain platform. They aimed to create an intuitive application driven by an insightful dashboard, providing workflow movements and instant status of FX and IR trades

LaSalle embraced Aurachain’s low-code platform to bring this vision to life. The Aurachain Platform was comprehensive, intuitive, and flexible, enabling us to develop our first enterprise-grade process applications rapidly. Our experience was rewarding. We look forward to continuing our real innovation journey with Aurachain.

Sofia Vujatov, Head of Business Innovation at LaSalle


With the platform’s cutting-edge capabilities and a collaborative approach to process automation, LaSalle achieved this transformation within a remarkable 3-month timeframe. They accomplished this feat by transforming their manual processes into three interwoven applications, seamlessly uniting data into a single, integrated regulatory-compliant workflow.

LaSalle’s commendable efforts to adopt innovative technology and digitize their manual processes inspire all of us at Aurachain. Their story exemplifies how great achievements are possible through the Aurachain platform, and we are immensely proud to be part of their innovation journey.

Adela Wiener, CEO at Aurachain


Working with Aurachain has been very rewarding. They brought along the technical know-how to complement our internal workflow process, responsiveness to our endless improvement requests, and unwavering commitment to our platform’s success. Our new application saves time, ensures data accuracy, and provides an end-to-end reporting stream to the regulatory commissions.

Desmond Xu, Global Head of FX and Head of Banking, Asia Pacific


LaSalle’s transformation story is a testament to the potential of innovative technology and streamlined processes. Through their partnership, Aurachain and LaSalle lead the way to a new era in financial deal management, where efficiency and compliance are paramount.

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