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The call for more and more digitized processes and software solutions means that many businesses have turned to low-code app development platforms in 2020. The inherent strategic benefit of accelerating software delivery efforts with low-code is straightforward; if you are able to innovate faster and respond to change more easily, then you will find yourself in a better position than your competitors.

Low-code development as a technology is perfectly poised in order to provide organizations with this boost as it takes a lot of the “heavy lifting” out of the application development process.

For example, organizations don’t need to allocate specialist resources to hand-write thousands of lines of complex code when many process applications can be created using similar reusable elements, such as data input tasks, API calls, and so on. Low-code can drastically speed up the development process for applications that are made up of such elements.

At Aurachain we’ve worked relentlessly to stand out within the low-code field. While some low-code development platforms are more suitable for professional developers in terms of ease of use, and others fall short with regards to complex business logic modeling; Aurachain has been specifically designed to blend powerful low-code execution for even the most complex business logic with an exceptionally intuitive user experience for subject matter experts, business analysts and professional developers alike.

Here’s how the Aurachain app development platform can give you an edge in 2021


Speed, flexibility and control: perfectly balanced

Being agile is a top priority for most businesses in the current context, where business needs and even entire markets can change overnight. Now imagine if you could launch innovative apps in days, with zero breaks in IT governance.

That’s exactly what Aurachain low-code development platform enables you to do thanks to intuitive, visual app creation tools and automated code generation. In fact, every app and digital solution that you create with Aurachain is delivered up to 80% faster than traditional development methods.

Furthermore, experimentation and innovation can take place on a single managed platform across the organization, with nothing happening outside the walls of IT governance. Any departmental apps that you launch can also be smoothly scaled into wider enterprise solutions as and when required.


Empower everyone

For subject matter experts and business analysts to professional developers and IT specialists, many of whom may be working remotely, virtual collaboration is made easier for everyone with stunning user experiences and optimized screens for every activity.

Your business teams know exactly how the process flow should look, so they can easily map it out with drag & drop tools. Meanwhile, automated code creation enables your developers to focus their energy on the truly innovative areas that drive the most business value. And IT can rest assured that there is no rogue development taking place outside their governance structure.

Everything happens on a single, managed platform so everyone wins.


Efficient digital operations

Eliminating the digital gaps between internal and external participants is another important step to take as you digitize processes across your business. Aurachain is designed so that blind spots are removed from key processes and value can be added from your organization’s wider ecosystem.

You can leverage the value of CRM and ERP solutions, as well as legacy systems and existing data, in all of your process apps with straightforward integrations. Then you can build on this value even further by creating dynamic document templates that pull information from your data models and are responsive to your business rules, such as conditional sections that only appear if the right criteria are met earlier in the process flow.


Native blockchain

There’s been a lot of hype about blockchain in recent years and organizations are finally starting to hone in on the business value that the technology can bring to the table. With Aurachain’s unique low code smart contract generation, you won’t have any fear of missing out.

Aurachain enables you to experiment with blockchain and smart contracts in a safe environment where you can focus on business problems the technology can help you solve, rather than the coding required to make it work. Operational benefits are there for the taking and collaborative trust solutions across multiple entities can open the door to entirely new streams of value and revenue for your organization.


Scalability and elasticity

The cloud-native, ultra-modern architecture of the Aurachain app development platform means you can select from multiple deployment options, on-cloud or on-premises, depending on what suits you best. Every option has built-in monitoring so that your IT department is always fully aware of how things are performing.

Aurachain is also scalable and has the proven capacity to handle millions of users. So, you could initially build an app for 20 users and scale it up to be used by 2,000 users or even more at any time.


Carefully crafted with your business needs in mind

The leadership team here at Aurachain has over 100 years combined experience in low code and BPM, so we know that above all else our platform needs to deliver value to you from day one.

That’s why we designed Aurachain low-code app development platform specifically to keep the focus on tangible business needs and enhance collaboration between business and IT in order to meet those needs. That way, your business becomes more agile and more successful.

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