Finalists for the Enterprise Blockchain Award


Aurachain, formerly known as SmartFabric, was shortlisted for the Innovative Entrepreneurship in Blockchain in the Service, Platforms & Solution category Award at Blockchain Revolution Global.

This nomination recognizes Aurachain as one of the top development platforms that provides innovative blockchain solutions to support enterprises in the journey to transform their businesses.


Winners will be announced at the EBA Gala Dinner on April 24th in Toronto, which will bring together the brightest and best of the international community to celebrate both their achievements and opportunities.

About Aurachain and its innovative approach as blockchain solution

Aurachain platform is an innovative solution that leverages the benefits of blockchain technology by offering an end-to-end platform for building, negotiating, executing and monitoring smart contracts, without dependency on specialized software coding.

Aurachain platform was designed to overcome the current problems in smart contract development, promoting faster adoption for a wide assortment of commercial and consumer applications.

Aurachain does this by:

    • employing technologies that automate code writing in an easy-to-understand method
    • allowing the construction of complex Smart Contracts, with intricate details and criteria
    • fully manages both on and off chain activities to promote end to end business flows and minimize costs
    • ensuring governance over the product itself
    • powerful tools reduce compliance and audit risks

In the end, the key advantage Aurachain is delivering to market is velocity, or speed at which it enable the development and ultimately execution of smart contracts for operational utility.

About the Enterprise Blockchain Awards

Blockchain Revolution Global (BRG) is the first truly worldwide enterprise leadership community for blockchain. The inaugural BRG conference will be April 24 & 25, 2019, in Toronto, the city at the core of the revolution.

Co-hosted by the Blockchain Research Institute, a global independent blockchain think-tank, and MCI Group, the world’s largest event management company, Blockchain Revolution Global will educateinspire and prepare leaders to be part of the revolutionary transformation that blockchain technology is bringing to business, government and society.