TMV Capital and Aurachain: Achieving Rapid Digital Transformation Together

Zurich, 12th Sept 2023 — Aurachain, the leading digital process platform, is excited to announce its successful partnership with TMV Capital, a fast-growing corporate group operating in the fields of investment, wood processing, logistics and online business development. Demonstrating the speed of Aurachain’s platform, TMV Capital launched their first three process applications, relevant for business, only two months after training completed.

From the onset of the engagement, the successful efforts were fully reliant on the ability of the TMV Capital users to engage in co-design sessions for their processes, thereby expediating their time to market and reducing the reliance on professional development teams.

Swift Progress, Impressive Results

TMV Capital’s achievement of designing and deploying these applications showcases the speed and flexibility of the Aurachain platform. TMV Capital is demonstrating how leveraging disruptive technology and adopting a new approach to development can achieve results in a fraction of the time associated with traditional approaches.

With our commitment to innovation and through out partnership with Aurachain we’ve harnessed the power of transformative low-code to create applications that have improved our internal processes. We are already working towards a fully streamlined vision of our future at TMV Capital.

Asta Martinionė, Chief Process Officer at TMV Capital

Aurachain Platform: Enabling Innovation

Aurachain’s CEO, Adela Wiener, expressed their excitement about this collaboration, stating:

TMV Capital’s passion for innovation coupled with Aurachain’s low-code approach demonstrates how businesses can adapt to the digital era at speed. At Aurachain, we are committed to enabling transformative innovation and agility for organizations like TMV Capital across the globe.

Adela Wiener, CEO at Aurachain


About TMV Capital

TMV Capital is the managing company of a rapidly growing group of entities, operating in the European, American, and Asian markets. The group of companies specializes in investment, wood processing, logistics, and online business development. The most well-developed areas of activity currently are wood processing (including the wooden pallet element manufacturer UAB Juodeliai and the timber buying and selling company JTimber) and logistics (specifically, the timber transportation company Žaibo Ratai).

The TMV Capital Group consists of a team of 700 professionals who are unified by common values: quality, responsibility, innovation, and goal orientation.