Aurachain in the Top 20 Companies with the Most Disruptive Solutions


Aurachain is delighted to be highlighted by IndustryWired as a Top 20 Company with the Most Disruptive Solutions in 2020.


You can read our featured interview in their latest edition of Disruptive Solutions Magazine, here.


We spoke about our drive to democratize the development of business applications with low-code, blockchain and how we.operationalize this technology in a practical and accessible way and about more.

When asked about our aim for the future ahead, Adela Wiener – CEO at Aurachain, said :

Aurachain helps users build smart contracts for execution on either Ethereum /Quorum or Hyperledger with the aim of making blockchain more practical and accessible for organizations that have an interest in exploring what smart contracts can do for them.

In the future ahead, we will sit at the intersection of low-code, blockchain, and AI, offering our clients a truly democratized approach to solution development that makes the most out of these powerful technologies.”

Aurachain is currently the only low-code platform on the market that enables organizations to rapidly build and deploy both digital process applications and blockchain-hosted smart contracts. There has been a lot of hype and interest in the blockchain space for a few years now and we believe it’s inevitable that organizations around the world will turn to blockchain in order to solve both new and longstanding problems.

Through its smart contract module, the Aurachain platform allows its users to operationalize blockchain in a practical and accessible way, automating code creation and shortening development cycles from months to days, through the use of low-code technology.

Find out more about our platform capabilities, here.