Announcing BlueFabric product launch, our first low code platform

AGYS launches BlueFabric, its first low-code platform which runs on top of IBM BPM in the Cloud and it is designed to provide a rapid development environment, for the creation of volume process applications.

BlueFabric is a complementary product with IBM BlueWorks Live, giving users the ability to input their BlueWorks Live artifacts and without the use of code, easily and quickly transform them, into executable business processes.

Our platform is particularly addressing the needs of small and large organizations, who want to leverage the benefits of process automation, for low to mid complexity back office processes, without the use of coding.

BlueFabric was designed with the primary goal of serving an “unserved” part of the global marketplace: the large market of functional business users, who must work daily within the normal governance landscape of a company process framework. They currently follow company process and procedures for tens, if not hundreds, of back office processes. A short list of these may include: submitting a vacation request, request for capital equipment (computer, desk, phone, etc), client/ employee onboarding processes, payment approvals, to name a few.

The majority of commercial market clients typically do not have the money or resources to invest in BPM Licenses or to build their own applications. IBM BPM in the Cloud moves closer to solving the cost of licenses, but still doesn’t address the fact that BPM development requires skilled and often costly BPM programmers. This is where BlueFabric picks up.

Our objective is to drive viral utilization of Fabric and BPM, WAS and DB2 in the Cloud. To that end, we have identified a series of focus markets in Europe, North America and Gulf Central Countries and we intend to leverage a global community of contributors, consisting in independent consultants and process developers. And in doing so, to promote AGYS’s ultimate goal, which is process consumption for value, without the cost, complexity or time involved with process development ”.

Cornel Vintila, AGYS Managing Partner.