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Steady growth in the global blockchain technology market presents both opportunity and problem for traditional technology ecosystem companies.


The opportunity resides in the growing interest from their customers to implement value based blockchain solutions. The problem in the need and cost of rapidly acquiring capabilities with which to convince customers and implement tangible technology based solution outcomes.   


With this in mind, Aurachain believes it can help our technology ecosystem partners to essentially fast track their go to market offerings and more importantly, convince a customer to buy.     


By partnering with Aurachain, partner organizations can extend and enlarge their current technology product and service portfolios through the rapid delivery of operationally meaningful  client blockchain applications. More so, they can do so without changing their business models, or being burdened by the cost of specialized blockchain development resources.


Technology ecosystem partners can use the Aurachain platform for rapid prototyping of client blockchain applications, use the platform for low cost and rapid development of client point solutions, or to provide hosted (white label) outsourced solution offerings to their customers.


All while leveraging revenue generating service personnel and driving the upsell of other technology offerings.

Drive business transformation for clients through the application of digital process automation and blockchain.


A means to rapidly generate operational applications for blockchain technology without the cost or overhead associated with specialized blockchain development resources.


And faster path to blockchain practice revenue.


Generate new recurring revenue streams from the sale or hosting of Aurachain platform generated applications.


Wrap professional services offerings around the delivery of client solutions (analysis, architecture, development, integration and support).


Upsell and cross sell other core technology service offerings.


Reduce initial overhead costs in developing blockchain practice offerings while the market is evolving.

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