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Solution Brief: Secure Automation for Remote General Assembly Voting Process

What’s inside?

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to businesses, public institutions and economies around the world.

Coronavirus has swept across Europe at an alarming rate and with no cure or vaccine currently available, social distancing has proven to be the most effective strategy in slowing the spread of the virus.

While home, or remote officing has been a practice for portions of workforces for many years, the current working landscape is raising an entirely unique set of issues that are already having severe impact on the physical and mental well being of workforces and the operational continuity of the companies they work for.

Aurachain has successfully developed a blockchain application that securely automates the voting mechanism for any type of General Assembly Meeting. It achieves this by mapping out each stage of a General Assembly Meeting (AGM) to a process flow, assigning tasks to specific roles, and storing all of the associated data in the blockchain for immutability.
This paper draws a comprehensive solution on how organizations that are heading into AGM season, can specifically address the disruption caused by the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.
  • What is an Annual General Meeting (AGM) vote.
  • Why is the remote voting process needed.
  • Solution description for secure automation of the voting process.
  • Benefits of implementing a remote voting app.

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