We are Reaching for the Stars at IBM Workshop for Cloud Partners in Krakow, Poland

Reaching for the Stars is a support initiative within Hybrid Cloud channel sales team that leverages proven methods and best practices which allows reseller partners to grow their business dramatically when applied.

Our team spoke at Reaching for the Stars Workshop in Krakow – Poland this October about BlueFabric, our low-code process development platform that runs on top of IBM BPM in the Cloud and is designed to provide rapid development environment for the creation of volume process applications.

BlueFabric is a complementary product with IBM BlueWorks live; giving users the ability to take their BlueWorks models and without the use of code, easily and quickly transform them into executable business processes.

One of the current stated challenges for IBM, is bringing its global partner community into the Cloud Business Market and getting them to start selling IBM cloud technology.

We see here a strong opportunity to serve all levels of interest including IBM, AGYS and our fellow BPM Solution partners, through a collaborative online marketplace. This is where processes can be developed by customers and/or partners and consumed globally by any who are interested. Within this model, partners not only have the ability to make money with their direct customers, but also within indirect customers who want to consumer their processes in the global community.

In summary, BlueFabric ( currently known as Aurachain) is by itself, a mechanism where end customers can rapidly and easily build their own business processes, with little or no code and deploy them across their user communities. It is also a means for IBM BPM partners to develop both horizontal and vertical processes and to publish them across all user community markets.