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The development of blockchain technology is expected to have significant and positive impact on the commercial real estate sector. Here, blockchain technology is transformational, streamlining complex processes, reducing processing costs and cutting time and cost associated with vast networks of middlemen.


This view is widely held across a vast array of industry participants, including brokers and agents, local governments, investors and attorneys: the technology is safe, secure, decentralized and transparent, as well as cheaper.


More so, the potential applications of the blockchain technology are numerous, including: easier and more accurate deed transfers, reduced friction in development and execution of lease agreements. Improves ease and transparency in investing and even the fractionalizing of commercial assets.


By using the Aurachain low-code, rapid application development platform, commercial real estate firms can now leverage the benefits of both low-code process automation and enterprise blockchain technology. It results in quick streamline operations, generate new innovative revenue streams and collaborate with customers and  ecosystem partners.

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I believe in the potential of their solution as it enables the real estate sector to use the multiple benefits from smart contracts. Doing this it plays a big role in the foundation for a new business model in this industry.

Andreea Avramescu