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    2009 - 2016: International expansion

    A leading solution provider in the Business Process Management space

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    2016 - 2018: Product focus

    Transforming our state-of-the-art IP into an end to end, low-code process automation product

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    2019: A new enterprise blockchain dimension

    NEW! Launch of Aurachain 3.0



Adela Wiener


Cornel Vintilă

Chairman of the Board

Jonathan Wiener


Razvan Turtureanu


Corneliu Bilbie


Anda Constantin


Ravi Kiran Ganti


Marinela Tache



Andrei Vintila

Product Manager

Ramona Sammouh

Customer Success Manager

Catalina Cojanu

Digital Marketing Manager

Alex Bartic

Product Eng. Manager

AURACHAIN does for enterprise blockchain what Microsoft Windows & Apple
did with GUIs and icons. The result of 10+ years of market engagement.

We are professionals.

Our company has been in the business process automation field for over 14 years now; during which time, we’ve implemented client solutions in 15 countries and delivered marked financial and operational value to some of the world’s largest clients in the financial services and energy sectors.
Behind this, naturally, has been a team. More to the point, a long tenured management team, who have relentlessly pushed to materialize our vision and whom have reached platinum mileage on more than a few airlines in the process. In summary, business is not some new and inspirational thing for us. We know the drill.

We are driven.

Not just in the running and growing of a business, but through the relentless pursuit of innovation in our chosen market space.
Innovation that has led to the development of what numerous market experts have already termed “the best low code platform yet” for volume process automation.

We are enthusiastic.

About what? Well, many things. Yet none more than the potential of blockchain technology; delivering decentralization, transparency and trust and with it, the potential for revolutionizing the way global business’ transact. Yet enthusiasm, or for that matter, ideas, mean little without action. That’s why we pushed ahead and built a blockchain application development platform that doesn’t just promise shiny glittering things, but already delivers them.
A platform that built over our robust, already up and running low code platform. A product that by design will rapidly accelerate the development of blockchain applications and therefore, liberate the development of blockchain applications themselves. One that we now call Aurachain.

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