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Across the world, blockchain technology is already transforming the way in which governments interact with their citizens and local businesses: the fundamental reason relating to the essence of what blockchain technology delivers; that being TRUST.


In this regard, there are virtually hundreds of government projects underway focusing on areas relating to establishing and maintaining citizen identity (birth certificates, marriage licenses, death records), personal records (interoperable health records and insurance records), land title registry (historical records relating to real estate and property transactions), benefits entitlement (social security, medical benefits and payments) and more.


Just this small sampling of focus areas are already giving birth to hundreds of applications that are and will continue to serve the improvement of citizen/ resident services, along with collaborative private sector organizations which also work with both. Visa applications, the registration of a mortgage or a lease agreement, the registering of a new company in the country, or the processing of security clearances for government employees, blockchain is rapidly redefining and reconstructing the issuance of government services.


By using the Aurachain low-code, rapid application development platform, public sector organizations can rapidly prototype, test and launch into production new applications that speed processing, reduce daily processing costs and which reduce friction for citizens and businesses.     


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Aligning with Aurachain team has helped augment and leverage our efforts significantly as we push to implement a sophisticated process automation roadmap.

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Operating Executive for Value Creation, Silverlake UK