Ensuring Compliance in App Building and Use: Aurachain’s Commitment

Our platform streamlines processes, enabling efficient and confident actions, ensuring your organization stays agile and protected.

A Partner in Compliance

 For compliance professionals, Aurachain is a strategic partner in navigating the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and conducting comprehensive audits for all processes. By increasing transparency and ensuring the context of data, documents, and decisions is easily understood, Aurachain simplifies interactions with both internal and external auditors.​


If compliance is a priority for your organization, integrating your processes with Aurachain’s platform is essential. Our commitment to improving efficiency and transparency ensures that your operations meet regulatory standards seamlessly.

With Aurachain, you leverage a platform designed to not only enhance compliance processes but also optimize access to vital information for all compliance professionals. Join us in redefining compliance for the digital age.​

Aurachain’s Advantages to Compliance Teams

Governance Assurance

Aurachain ensures governance across all front-to-back processes, including all compliance reviews, escalations, and actions. The platform’s robustness and comprehensive built-in features promise data quality, case-related context for documents, and access to previous decisions and actions to optimize risk mitigation and thoroughness of compliance actions. More so, data quality is ensured even as process volumes increase. ​

Comprehensive Audit Trails

Aurachain’s best-in-market audit trail capabilities ensure you can always see who did what, where, and how, even down to field-level data changes. This not only enhances the efficiency and effectiveness of compliance teams but also facilitates smooth interactions with auditors and regulators.​​​

Rapid Process Changes

A constant challenge in traditional case management or compliance process automation is the ability to adapt to changing regulatory landscapes, team dynamics, organizational structures, or necessary improvements. With Aurachain, you can respond to these changes swiftly without disrupting operations or enduring lengthy change queues.​​​

Cost Efficiency

Digitalization of the compliance actions in key processes reduces the efforts needed to complete them, thereby reducing the operational costs associated with manual processes and disconnected systems.​ As compliance teams have exploded in size over the past two decades, this enables you to optimize your resource allocation to improve overall efficiency and either reduce compliance costs, or maintain them while you grow aggressively. ​​​

Competitive Advantage

Effective and efficient compliance teams that mitigate risks and assist in providing seamless customer engagement help differentiate from competitors. By optimizing compliance speed and efficiency, you can additionally keep compliance costs in check – all while still having access to robust audit trails and case-based contexts for all decisions. Optimized compliance not only brings down the cost per customer but also potentially opens new areas for revenue, paving the way for a successful future. ​​​

Out-of-the-Box Compliance Tools

The unique strength of Aurachain lies in its out-of-the-box capabilities, such as Process Live View, Custom Views, and Process Controller. These tools are not just add-ons but are integral to our platform and solutions, ensuring that compliance is prioritized and supported at every stage of the app building and usage process.​

Our Process Live View offers a business friendly holistic overview of all applications in use, allowing you to identify all activity, in real-time, making data, documents, decisions, escalations and identified risks transparent and easily accessible. Additionally, this assists you in ensuring all processes run smoothly and are measured against your process KPIs.

Process Live View

Aurachain’s Process Controller provides your technical counterparts unparalleled depth of visibility into your app’s development lifecycle and operational use. The feature ensures that every step, from conception to deployment, adheres to your communicated compliance requirements. 

Process Controller

The Aurachain platform empowers you to establish tailored data views, providing end users with targeted insights into crucial process data. These custom data views enable users to create unique perspectives aligned with their specific needs. Administrators retain control over which data end users access, how it is presented, and the level of visibility.

Supporting Compliance at Every Step​

Aurachain’s platform is meticulously crafted to address the unique requirements of compliance professionals, providing context, thoroughness, and comprehensive oversight at every step. This ensures that every process solution not only aligns with regulatory standards but also optimizes the role of compliance in enhancing your company’s competitiveness and mitigating risks.​

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