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We at Aurachain believe that the successful adoption of blockchain will largely be dependent on the support of experts who can guide a client on where and how it should be applied for value.


For this reason, we are actively seeking partnerships with consulting organizations who are looking to leverage the broader blockchain market opportunity through the application of their specialized expertise (technology and/or subject matter).


By partnering with Aurachain, blockchain tehcnology companies can extend and enlarge their knowledge offerings with tangible client solutions (point and outsourced) in a short period of time and they can do so without changing their business models, or being burdened by the cost of specialized  technology resources.


Consulting partners can now use the Aurachain platform for rapid prototyping of client blockchain applications, use the platform for low cost and rapid development of client point solutions, or to provide hosted (white label) outsourced solution offerings to their customers.


  Extend ideas and recommendations into tangible, rapidly delivered client solutions.


  Drive business transformation for clients through the application of digital process                                automation and blockchain.


  Differentiate your offering from other competitors in your space.


  Create an opportunity for business process outsourcing.


  Drive additional consulting revenue through the implementation of operational solutions.


  Extend your overall corporate capability without the cost, or overhead of specialized technical              resources.

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