Winners of Aspen Innovation – Technology Leadership Award


Zurich, Switzerland – December 12, 2019 – Aurachain, the only low-code development platform that enables rapid creation and deployment of both digital process applications and smart contract applications on blockchain networks, is proud to announce that it has been named as Winner of the ‘Innovation and Technology Leadership Award‘ in the 2019 Aspen Leadership Awards.

The award recognizes Aurachain’s significant contribution in the field of digital innovation and to social and economic progress.

Over the past year, Aurachain has been successfully implemented across numerous client sectors, such as banking, insurance, supply chain and government; contributing to the adoption of blockchain technology as a means of collaborative trust between enterprises.

By combining low-code digital process automation with B2B collaborative trust, Aurachain makes daily blockchain use simple and intuitive – powering fast implementation cycles, rapid cloud deployment and the business-driven configuration of digital apps.

This new prestigious global recognition received from Aspen Institute reconfirms the unique value of Aurachain as the foundation for applying next-generation, game-changing technologies in order to achieve immediate operational value and gain competitive advantages within key markets.” – states Jon Wiener, VP of Revenue of Aurachain.