Milestone – 3.0 version launch & rebranding


Zurich, London, Dubai and Bucharest, April 18th , 2019

SmartFabric, formerly known also as BlueFabric, becomes Aurachain, along with the launch of its latest 3.0 release

The new name of the product is AurachainTM and it marks the inclusion of a dedicated module- the smart contract designer, which consolidates the platform’s enterprise blockchain dimension, on top of the previous low-code capabilities.

Built by both engineers and functional analysts with an obsessive attention to details, Aurachain enables global enterprise organizations with a visual environment that allows business-driven application design, without the need to code, fast-implementation cycles, rapid cloud deployment, and integration with other systems.

Starting with the 3.0 release, users can intuitively distribute process stages, on and off the blockchain, by combining the previous low-code capabilities for digital process automation with automatic code generation, for blockchain applications (smart contracts).

According to the company CEO, Adela Wiener, “Aurachain accelerates blockchain adoption, as a means for collaborative trust amongst enterprises and becomes a bridge between the present digital innovation platforms and the future of multi-sided, business ecosystems”.

The Aurachain platform was designed to be Blockchain agnostic, currently running on market leading platforms, such as Hyperledger and Ethereum.

Aurachain platform will be available on the market starting today, along with a new website ( and a new brand identity that reflects our product maturity, after 8 years of continuous innovation. 

To find out more about Aurachain, please read the Release Notes.

About Agys

AGYS AG is a globally recognized leader in the design, implementation and support of cross sector process automation solutions.  Recognized for continuous innovation over the years by industry leaders in both the Java and .Net space, the company has built and implemented over a dozen high impact applications across industries that are being utilized by customers in 16 countries in Europe, Australia and the GCC.

In 2018, AGYS launched SmartFabric, formerly known also as BlueFabric, a low code development platform for the rapid automation of volume, low to mid complexity business process applications. SmartFabric allows business owners to intuitively design and fast track to production, process applications at a significantly reduced cost.