Registration of Documents Addressed to Public Institutions Can Now Be Done Online


April 2, 2020 – Bucharest

The Authority for the Digitization of Romania today launches the platform

In the context of the COVID-19 epidemic, in support of citizens and public institutions, the Romanian Government, through the Authority for the Digitization of Romania, in partnership with Aurachain, the Association for Advanced Technologies, Bithat and Telekom launches the digital platform

job-retention-platform-screenshot serves as a bridge for the registration of documents addressed to the public entities that do not have their own online registration system.

A key objective of the newly launched platform is to streamline communication at national level, so that all public entities are enrolled in a digital system capable of responding to citizens’ requests, in the shortest possible time.

The insufficient level of integration and digitization of certain institutions is the main obstacle to efficient functioning and communication in the virtual space. This new project, developed by ADR in partnership with Aurachain, the Association for Advanced Technologies, Bithat and Telekom, helps to facilitate new methods of communication between the taxpayer and public institutions.

As a first functionality, the platform offers the possibility for all legal entities in Romania to send to the county representatives of the National Agency for Employment (ANOFM), the applications for technical unemployment, according to GEO no. 30/2020, amended by GEO no. 32/2020. The technical unemployment allows private companies to claim payments from the state budget, up to 75% of the average gross salary per economy, for all the employees.

At the beginning of next week, the platform will also provide the necessary tools for paying allowances towards independent professionals, cooperatives and sport structures or individuals who have obtained exclusively revenues from the copyright and related rights, impacted by the establishment of a state of emergency in the territory of Romania.

The Authority for the Digitization of Romania (ADR) operates as a dedicated structure of the Government and under the Prime Minister coordination, with the aim of implementing public strategies and policies in the field of digital transformation and society.

For more details please contact the Communication Office of the Authority for the Digitization of Romania: contact person: Octavian Oprea – Vice-President – 0747408705, email: