Aurachain is keynote speaker at Banking 4.0 Conference

Aurachain speaker_slot_at_banking_4.0_conference

We recently spent two extremely interesting days at Banking 4.0, one of the most cutting-edge events in #fintech that took place on 25-26 November in Bucharest, Romania.

Cornel Vintila, our Co-Founder and Chairman of the Board, was invited to participate as a keynote speaker and panelist in order to answer the question on everybody’s lips right now – Is it really the time for blockchain in banking services?

As part of his speech, he shared our vision of how #blockchain#smartcontracts and #AI can combine to disrupt trade finance mechanisms and why organizations in this space should be thinking NOW of searching for the right exponential learning platform.

Thank you to NoCash events for the invitation and we look forward to seeing you again next year!

Find out more about the Banking 4.0 event here.