How Low-Code Fosters Collaboration Between Teams


We all know low-code development is a great way to ensure that digital transformation efforts deliver on business outcomes quickly. It accelerates the software development process by automating the creation of large chunks of code. Time saved, great job. But did you know that low-code platforms foster effective business-IT collaboration and co-creation?

They provide a single platform where visual modelling is used by both development teams and business teams. This means everyone is able to add their own expertise directly and can fine-tune every aspect of the application as they go.

The key is to combine your organization’s process design expertise with the power and speed of low-code development. This way, your teams can properly establish the most critical problem to solve and your low-code platform enables you to rapidly build and deploy the best possible solution.

In this way, low-code fosters and enhances genuine collaboration between business teams and technical teams. As a result, when new applications are launched, they come with strong buy-in from everyone, so rollout runs a lot smoother. Moreover, the time saved during the development process leaves you unchained to long, drawn out development and change cycles. Instead, you are empowered and able to experiment at low cost and with minimal risk.

Low-code development platforms help you to expedite new, innovative apps to a point where you can see if they are worth pursuing. This is the benefit of co-creation with everyone involved.

If things look good, you can refine to make sure you get the most business value possible; then deploy. If things aren’t working out as you hoped, you can hit the stop button before too much time and effort is spent.

Low-Code Platforms Promote Collaboration


In the post-covid context, many organizations still operate with most employees working from home. One challenge that results from this is decreased collaboration, with teams finding it more difficult to work together effectively to solve business problems.

This scenario means that you may have to deal with slower rollouts of new solutions and services, delayed changes to existing apps, and even a rise in the most common delivery delays for new process applications.

IT teams may usually be able to help you overcome these challenges. However, they are now faced with new challenges of their own, such as the transfer of assets to the cloud and ensuring that the remote workforce is secure.

This is where a low-code platform can step in to make a big difference

Teams across the organization are able to use a single, managed platform to collaborate from anywhere. They can build and launch new process applications and software solutions, while addressing any changes that need to be made on the fly. This way, collaboration happens in real-time with visual modelling to capture all business requirements. Your teams become able to rapidly iterate new applications and the visual development style ensures that everyone is speaking the same language throughout the process.

This is low-code digital operations done right.

Everyone Benefits

Technical teams are under intense pressure but the use of low-code can ease this.

This is because low-code platforms allow subject matter experts and business analysts to contribute their expertise directly to the app development process. Meanwhile, the platform automates the code creation for all the core elements. This frees up technical teams to focus on true innovation, since the low-code platform can take care of the more mundane tasks.

Forrester analysts state that “enterprises that embraced low-code platforms, digital process automation, and collaborative work management reacted faster and more effectively than firms relying only on traditional development”.

The experts agree: the intuitive, visual development style that low-code brings to the table fosters greater collaboration between business teams and IT. It’s a win-win for everyone involved.

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