Low-Code Development Can Make the Difference in 2022


Traditional software development can’t keep up the pace with the increasing need to digitally transform business operations. For years, this has been an issue for every business leader responsible for software delivery or whose team uses software, and the pressure of the Covid-19 outbreak has only made this problem more acute.

This sudden increase in the demand to build software solutions much faster, more cost-effectively, and with higher ROI, combined with an increasing pressure on IT to deliver seamless user experiences and an increased talent tech gap, convinced many businesses to switch to low-code app development platforms in 2021.

Back in February, Gartner forecasted that the worldwide low-code development technologies market would grow by 23% in this year alone. And the trend is only expected to grow further in 2022 as low-code platforms will be increasingly used by organizations to deliver mission-critical applications and modernize core, legacy applications.

Forrester also stated that — “During the COVID-19 crisis, enterprises that had embraced low-code platforms, digital process automation, and collaborative work management reacted faster and more effectively than firms relying only on traditional development.

One thing is certain— low-code development platforms have become a must-have for every organization looking to improve operational efficiency and remain competitive, and the economic implications of the COVID-19 pandemic have proved their worth.

For example, in 2021 alone, Aurachain low-code platform has helped its customers achieve unparalleled results. Below we name a few examples:

We see immense future possibilities in using low code as a way of transforming to save costs and increase efficiency more quickly. Although this example came from a crisis, there are so many ways low-code could improve collaboration and efficiency in governments domestically and globally” – said Octavian Oprea – President of The Authority for the Digitalisation of Romania (ADR)

The partnership with Aurachain allows CEC Bank to continue its digital transformation and align with the best available technologies worldwide.” – said Bogdan Neacsu, General Manager of CEC Bank.

The same bank utilized low-code technology to revolutionize their onboarding service for business clients, becoming the first bank in Romania to allow the opening of online accounts for companies with a complex ownership structure while also shortening the onboarding process from over 3 days to under 3 hours.

“I am also confident that our new SME online onboarding process will be a flagship banking service–not only for CEC Bank, but for the entire Romanian banking industry” – says Cristina Totu, a CEC Bank Director and head of the firm’s SME division.

The inherent strategic benefit of accelerating software delivery efforts with low-code is straightforward. If you are able to innovate faster and respond to change more easily, then you will find yourself in a better position than your competitors.

Low-code development as a technology is perfectly poised to provide organizations with this boost as it takes a lot of the “heavy lifting” out of the application development process.

For example, organizations don’t need to allocate specialist resources to hand-write thousands of lines of complex code when many process applications can be created using similar reusable elements, such as data input tasks, API calls, and so on. Low-code can drastically speed up the development process for applications that are made up of such elements.

At Aurachain we’ve worked relentlessly to stand out within the low-code field. While some low-code development platforms are more suitable for professional developers in terms of ease of use, and others fall short with regards to complex business logic modelling; Aurachain has been specifically designed to blend powerful low-code execution for even the most complex business logic with an exceptionally intuitive user experience for subject matter experts, business analysts and professional developers alike.

Here’s how the Aurachain low-code platform can give you an edge in 2022


Speed, flexibility, and control: perfectly balanced

Build and deploy new apps up to 80% quicker than with traditional development methods, allowing projects to be finished in days or weeks rather than months or even years.


From clever time-savers to enterprise-graders

When it comes to departmental workflows or complicated process applications for the enterprise, the Aurachain low-code platform enables you to drive innovation across the organisation and expand apps quickly when the need arises.


Continuous Business-IT alignment

Work is ‘democratised’ across all relevant subject matter experts, (business and technical) supported by technology, allowing the team to build together within the platform, rather than working in isolation on their composite parts.


Modern, elastic and cloud native technology

Construct flexible and scalable apps for modern business contexts using a microservices architecture that can support rapid expansion as well as a containerized design that allows for different deployment scenarios.


Seamless integrations

Link your apps to existing systems at speed to unify data, all done through API-driven connections that are configurable for CRM and ERP solutions, as well as any other apps or software solutions.


Blockchain connectivity

Utilize the value and promise of Distributed Ledger Technology to bring blockchain use cases into production with automated code generation that is focused on integration and integration accuracy and precision.

Ready to go faster?

Aurachain enables you to build and rebuild applications more quickly in order to keep up with changing business realities. And, in today’s reality, such changes happen more frequently than ever before, and they are more dramatic than ever before.

The Aurachain platform is a foundation on which you may build your own infrastructure while yet enjoying significant flexibility and scalability. It means empowering your employees to adopt and work faster with the changing business strategies, which in turn results in a significantly faster application development lifecycle time, a reduced time-to-market, increased IT output, and improved ROI.

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