In the Spotlight: Digital Democratization Through Low-Code


Financial organizations around the world are feeling pressure when it comes to the need for more workflow automation. It’s becoming more and more critical to optimize operations with digital flows to expedite decisions, gain visibility throughout key processes, and even increase customer satisfaction levels.

However, there are barriers that financial organizations need to overcome before they are able to reap these benefits. These can include high up-front investments, a shortage of software developers, and complex coding requirements for potential in-house solutions.
Aurachain’s Chief Revenue Officer, Jonathan Wiener, recently shared with Finance Digest how digital democratization through low-code is the answer for the future of finance success.

“Low-code eliminates the language barriers found in traditional software development, removing the need for coding experts and allowing people from various departments of your business to unleash their knowledge and expertise into applications that focus on the end and not the means.”

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