Deploy Your Digital Solutions Faster with Aurachain Low-Code Platform


When done right, software applications can be more than simple enablers. They can generate significant business value. But traditional methods of delivering applications are still out of step with the call for more software and more automation. Business and IT leaders everywhere have often emphasized on this.

Today, business leaders feel as though they have great ideas for solutions that could deliver real business value to the organization, but too many of these ideas get left behind because they are simply not able to innovate as much as they might like. Meanwhile, IT leaders are often struggling with transformation initiatives that are too slow, fighting against the tide to implement change across the organization while maintaining key legacy systems that become siloed. This gap between the business leaders and developers can only be bridged by low-code innovations.

Low-code is a better and much faster way of turning the solutions you need into apps you love. Low-code platforms can automate the delivery of powerful, scalable software – Fast.

With low-code, the innovative solutions that traditionally take organizations months could be deployed in a matter of days.

Headquartered in Zurich, Aurachain AG is doing exactly this by solving business-critical challenges and helping clients to achieve strategic goals through its low-code platform.

” The low-code platform is ultimately how you can foster true collaboration between leaders and developers through the development process. Without such a platform, you are solely relying on professional developers to write lines of code by hand. That takes time, and it can be prone to errors. This means that applications that you need today are being delivered months down the line.” – said Adela Wiener, Founder and CEO of Aurachain.

Aurachain is a simple and intuitive low-code platform that allows rapid creation of digital applications to automate an organization’s business processes. Users can simply drag and drop visual elements into place and connect them to make a process flow. The low-code platform automatically generates the code needed to turn this flow into a functional software application.

The platform is built and tested by an exceptional team of engineers and functional analysts who have an obsessive attention to detail. The Aurachain platform is specifically designed to deliver fast implementation cycles, rapid cloud deployment and business-driven application configuration.

With Aurachain, organizations are able to launch applications in days, thanks to its visual app creation tools and automated code generation that delivers up to 80% faster than traditional development methods. All with zero breaks in IT governance and a stunning user experience that makes virtual collaboration easier for everyone, whether they be subject matter experts, business analysts, professional developers, or IT specialists. The entire app building process is streamlined with optimized screens for every activity, and everything happens on a single, managed platform: so everyone wins.

But that’s not all; existing legacy systems can also be connected to the Aurachain low-code platform via an API, unlocking an incredible amount of value as you are able to leverage existing data into powerful, new applications. This means that developer resources are no longer required to hand-write thousands of lines of complex code since the low-code platform automates code generation as each element of the app is pieced together.

“At Aurachain we have always kept a keen eye on new developments in technology and what can be added to our low-code platform in order to ensure our clients never fall behind in the race to innovate. This is precisely why we added a revolutionary new dimension to the Aurachain platform in 2020: blockchain. ” – explained Adela Wiener, Founder and CEO of Aurachain.

Accelerating Digital Transformation

A key strength of the Aurachain low-code platform is that it can be adopted by organizations in any industry.

We are living in a digital world and, as a result, digital process applications are increasingly important for companies to optimize processes and deliver the best possible experiences. The industries where Aurachain is currently seeing the most value are financial services, supply chain, and the public sector where organizations have historically relied on more manual or paper-based processes. The Aurachain low-code platform can dramatically accelerate digital transformation initiatives for organizations looking to modernize operations.

In particular cases, Aurachain AG has developed specific solutions. One example comes in the form of the platform, created exclusively on the Aurachain low-code platform for the National Government of Romania.

The solution was specifically designed to help Romanian Government institutions rapidly and securely process high volumes of Job Retention Scheme claims, following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus.

” Aurachain is proud that, to date, has helped over 240,000 companies, registered sole traders, authorized Persons and those working on Copyright Contracts that have registered on the platform to access financial support.” – said Adela Wiener, Founder and CEO of Aurachain.

The Romanian Government has achieved 85% faster turnaround times by automating the entire claim and approval process.
Aurachain is driving rapid digital transformation – turning manual processes into automated ones – by allowing organizations to intuitively develop powerful applications on the Aurachain low-code platform.

Moving forward

Aurachain AG seems increasingly focused on delivering industry-specific solutions through partnerships. Adopting the low-code platform will bring exponential benefits over time with rapid app delivery, bringing about a drastically accelerated business transformation that will continually drive innovation across organizations