Depanero accelerates process digitalization with Aurachain


Aurachain announces that Depanero, the largest electro-IT service company in Romania, part of the eMAG group, is accelerating its operational automation strategy by leveraging the Aurachain low-code platform. Aurachain accelerates the development of digital solutions that automate business processes, as well as blockchain applications.

The integration of Aurachain’s low-code technology is part of Depanero’s strategy to offer a simpler and faster experience to its customers. With the help of applications developed on the Aurachain platform, which will integrate multiple systems such as SAP, API or BI Tools, Depanero will automate a wide range of activities. Low-code will help Depanero streamline everything from the simplest processes to the most complex operations, such as generating spare parts inventories, delivery AWBs and invoices.

Using the Aurachain platform, Depanero will improve its Service Management platform, a transformation that aims at economic, operational, and service benefits. This will allow the company to quickly automate specific service processes, as well as achieve full traceability for cases in the operational flow of the platform. Moreover, the quality of the user experience will be significantly improved thanks to Aurachain’s optimized interfaces.

“For Depanero, streamlining and simplifying operations has always been a priority. The Aurachain platform automates business processes and time-consuming tasks, which will allow us to better focus on truly important activities, namely improving the customer experience and the relationship with partners and suppliers”, said Claudiu Florescu, Depanero Platforms Manager.


Low-code technology significantly reduces development costs, allowing companies to quickly adapt their processes to new business requirements. The time needed to place a product or a service on the market is reduced by up to 80%, and the technological support needed for operational changes and new objectives is also facilitated. The new system makes it easier to define data capture, as well as the default rules in the Depanero stream, while ensuring good practices for internal operations is much simpler.

The financial and operational benefits will lead to an improved scalability and performance, successfully ensuring long-term business development.

“Low-code technology demonstrates once again the need for the solutions it offers. The speed, efficiency, and safety with which we can produce and implement the necessary changes within organizations are becoming a benchmark in the industry. We are happy to be the ones who support Depanero’s comprehensive automation efforts “, says Ramona Sammouh, Head of Customer Success at Aurachain.


Using Aurachain as a platform for upgrading existing service management solutions will give Depanero unprecedented agility and the ability to quickly adapt to new business needs. The low-code platform will allow the launch of changes within a few days, reducing the implementation time of the changes.

Depanero will be able to rethink operational flows and the implementation of digital versions in a much shorter time than in the case of a traditional programming approach. The company will achieve greater operational efficiency, but also better visibility and control over service management operations in a short period of time.

About Depanero

Depanero is the largest service company in Romania in the fields of electro-IT, small and large appliances, tablets and mobile phones.

The Depanero company has a national presence, covering all counties of the country. The company’s approximately 300 employees have thousands of hours of service and training experience, as well as thousands of hours of customer service covering most categories of durable products, such as: mobile phones, tablets, IT, electronics, small and large appliances, DIY.

Depanero offers consulting services, diagnosis and quick repair of defects, both for products under warranty and for post-warranty, for the latter offering a warranty for repair.
Depanero also offers installation services at the customer’s home for: air conditioners, central heating, appliances, audio-video equipment.

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