Aurachain in the TOP 10 InsurTech Solution Providers in Europe 2019


We are proud to announce that Aurachain was named as one of the TOP 10 InsurTech Solution Providers by Insurance CIO Outlook Magazine Advisory Board.

The listing recognizes us as a vendor with unique offerings and solutions, that stand out in the cluttered space of InsureTech and make an impact in this industry.

For the last 10 years, as experts in business process management, Aurachain has kept a close eye on new developments and market dynamics. This led to the realisation that the disruptive potential of blockchain within the insurance industry is unquestionable. At the present, with a humongous amount of personal data at stake, insurance providers are bogged drown with traditional, paper heavy processes that involve countless checks and an abundance of middleman. By putting all this data on a blockchain, Aurachain accelerates these checks , if not fully automating them. It also streamlines the majority of tasks performed by middlemen, ensuring improved risk management, reduced turnaround time for claims and lower premiums.

To deliver immediate operational value, Aurachain enables insurance providers to build their own digital process applications on its platform. And by making blockchain technology accessible and practical through our platform, we uniquely position ourselves to help insurance provides rapidly prototype and launch both on and off blockchain applications.


Of course, we are proud of our game-changing platform, but on top of that, what really sets us apart are the people behind the platform.

– says Adela Wiener, CEO of Aurachain

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