Aurachain Rolled Out a National App for COVID-19 Job Retention Scheme


London, Zurich, Dubai, Bucharest – April 6, 2020,

Aurachain announced today, in partnership with The Romanian Authority for the Digitalization, the Association for Advanced Technologies, Bithat and Telekom, the launch of a solution for the Government backed job retention scheme – is in fact re-establishing the Romanian citizens’ access to public services, based on a very important principle, according to which both the citizens and the local businesses, are the country foundation and therefore, they come first.

The job retention scheme introduced by the Romanian Government provides financial support to all citizens, whose employers are strongly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The law allows companies to request payment of 75% of the gross average wage per employee, covered by the state. The scheme is also available to authorized natural persons as well as, to those who obtain royalties from copyrights.

Aurachain has successfully developed a digital system, which provides a fully automated service that claimants can use to apply for the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

The solution includes a portal, as a single point of interaction between companies and public institutions and is able to generate digital documentation for companies, which request coverage for furloughed workers, by the Job Retention Scheme.

As part of that process, documents can be scanned and digitally signed through an online signing service, in order to minimize the interaction between people and eliminate the chance of spreading the COVID-19 virus.  At the same time, the solution is specifically designed to accelerate the response time for government institutions to be able to provide much-needed help to businesses and furloughed workers.

Aurachain, together with its partners, the Association for Advanced Technologies, Bithat and Telekom, has managed to deliver within just 7 days, a national platform that reinvents the virtual relationship between the taxpayer and public institutions.

9,369 applications were registered from employers, in the first two days of going live with the solution. Today, the figure stands at 300,000 employees for whom job retention Gov. support has been requested.

The global coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic poses an unprecedented challenge to businesses, public institutions and economies around the world. Coronavirus has swept across Europe at an alarming rate and with no cure or vaccine currently available, social distancing has proven to be the most effective strategy in slowing the spread of the virus. Since the economies are struggling, many companies are forced to make difficult decisions, in order to sustain themselves. This is the case of many Romanian companies as well and therefore, the job retention scheme implemented by the Romanian Government, aims to safeguard workers from being made redundant. As Aurachain, we are very happy that we could leverage the inherent capabilities of our platform to fast track the development and rollout of a solution that helps both the businesses and the Government, to come together and protect so many employees and citizens of Romania.”

states Adela Clara Wiener, CEO Aurachain AG.